The Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation is making some negative headlines due to its connection to pushing vaccines in India.

Their foundation acquired shares of the pharmaceutical company Merck back in 2002 and now Merck, with another organization called Gavi, are pushing the use of vaccines in Third World countries without proper testing and in collision with local authorities, it has been reported.

Bill And Melinda Gates Are Bill and Melinda Gates Guilty of Committing Fraud in India?

It has been known for a long time that big pharmaceutical companies conduct their trials in poorer parts of the world, especially in remoter places in India where human life is cheaper than in the western civilizations.

 This testing would be much more expensive and scrutinized if performed in any western country. That is why India had been used for a longer period of time as a trial ground for vaccine testing without prior consent.

It has been reported that this amounts to a vaccine fraud.

The latest perception is that in the western world the big pharmaceutical companies are crumbling and they are looking to consolidate their numbers by pushing and selling quite expensive, unnecessary and quite often untested vaccines in poorer countries in collusion with authorities, most of which countries would not be able to afford them.

gardasil Are Bill and Melinda Gates Guilty of Committing Fraud in India?

Some news agencies reported that community health activists made a charge against the Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation and Gavi that they are working with UNICEF and the World Health Organization to promote and push the use of vaccines in third world countries which are not tested enough and whose side effects are not made public.

This ruthless promotion of vaccines in India is referred to as a ‘fraud’ and the charge against the Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation and the pharmaceutical company Merck is currently pending in the Supreme court of India.

One in a line of questionable activities by international pharmaceutical companies in India refers to the HPV vaccine made by American company Merck, which happens to be one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The United States government earns royalty on the sale of Merck’s vaccine and there is a strong perception that any negative news report against this vaccine is not only discouraged but actively squashed. In the US, well known news broadcasterKatie Couric was made to apologise for her interview with a mother whose daughter died after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Later the assistant Surgeon General appeared on her show to assure everyone the vaccine was safe.3
The actions of the pharma company promoting their vaccine ruthlessly in India have been termed as ‘fraud’ and a PIL against Merck including its part owner the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is currently pending inSupreme Court of India.

Problems with the HPV vaccine

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