This madness with cell phones pictures and selfies has to stop!!!

People become brainless sheeeple.

The growing epidemic of thoughtless and self-absorbed human tourists killing innocent wild animals has now claimed a beautiful white swan as its latest victim.

One woman tourist from Bulgaria grabbed the unsuspecting swan by the wing and dragged it onto the pebble-strewn shoreline of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia.
Horrific: Photos show the woman, reportedly from Bulgaria, grabbing the unsuspecting swan by the wing and dragging it onto the pebble-strewn shoreline of Lake Ohrid, southwestern Macedonia

She dragged the elegant bird from its lake so she could pose with it, before dumping the animal on the beach and leaving it to die.

When the unidentified tourist had gotten her selfie snap, she abandoned the swan, which later died on the beach of Lake Ohrid, local media reports.

This is the moment a female tourist dragged a swan from a lake in Macedonia in order to pose up for a photograph, before leaving it to die on the beach.

All for the selfie: The female tourist is seen smiling for the camera as she drags the swan from the lake

Witnesses told local media the swan didn’t initially react as the woman approached because the birds are used to the presence of tourists.
Swans are protected in some countries, such as the UK, swans are protected by law in Macedonia to but theres no body that can watch for tourists grabbing and dragging them to get pictures that they can post on facebook. 
Cruel: The brazen tourists then left the swan 'motionless' on the shores of Lake Ohrid
 This non sense HAS to STOP!!!
Wake Up Sheeple and stop making photos with everything and post them on facebook and other social media you have become worst generation in human history. 

The enslavement of humanity is so big we are all slaves to banksters and corporations that make money out of our stupidity. 


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