Ginger is a spice that has very much importance for our health and body vitality.
Ginger is very close to the most potent natural cure for numerous diseases. 
It has many beneficial effects and uses. One of them is for fighting cancer.


We know how big pharmacy like to profit from poor people and that cancer cures that official medicine is giving us are not working at all. The system is made to make our money ant to give you poison as cure so you will be seek and buy more pills and give more money to the big pharmaceutical companies. They profit from you poor people with poor health and all they like is to depopulate the planet and kill you.

Turmeric is known to have effects in the treatment of cancer and recent studies have discovered that its cousin, the ginger, has the same effects and it is very potent. It was revealed that ginger is even more effective than some medications for treating cancer. It has been proved that some medications are inefficient and can even speed up the death in patients suffering from cancer.

The scientist have found out that the potentiality of destroying cancer of the ginger happen in condition where the amounts of the ginger extract do not have toxic effects on the non-cancerous cells. 
This means that 6-shogaol only destroys cancer cells and leaves the healthy ones untouched. This is a huge advantage when compared to the conventional cancer treatments that do not have this type of selective cytotoxicity and can really harm the patients.

In cases of breast cancer this ingredient, 6-shoagol also affects the cell cycle considerably, and this results in increased cancer cell death. These cells are almost programmed to die, in a way, through the induction of autophagy. It also reduced formation of breast cancer spheroids. Still, there are more amazing things and features of 6-shoagol.

Studies also discovered and revealed that the examinations of the cancer drug taxol were not as effective as 6-shoagol when it comes to killing cancer stem cells. Even in circumstances of increased taxol concentrations, the 6-shoagol was still more effective in killing cancer stem cells for 10,000 times. This also means that 6-shoagol is far more effective in stopping the tumors from forming and keeping the health of the unaffected cells.

More research is required in the field of cancer and cancer treatment and it needs to be shown that the modern cancer medicine cannot be as efficient as the natural remedies are. 
Eating healthy organic food vegetables and fruits is the most important for your health and protecting and curing your body from different diseases
You are what you eat!


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