Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Police recently seized 400 kilos of cocaine and $1.5 million in cash from an airstrip in Cañas, a northern region of Costa Rica.

The kicker? The private airstrip on Rancho Horizonte, which had allegedly been under investigation for several months, is owned by none other than the Hilton family.


Whether or not the Hiltons knew their airstrip was being used to smuggle drugs is unclear, however, three Nicaraguan citizens and one close employee of the family’s were among those arrested.

What’s more, both Richard and Kathy Hilton — parents to the famed Paris and Nicky — allegedly visit the 6,000-acre compound frequently. At this time, however, the Hilton family is not suspected of any wrongdoing.

The government seized the plane being used to smuggle the drugs after initial investigations revealed a phony identification number on the single-engine Cessna.

It is unclear as of yet to whom the plane belongs although it is believed to have come from Mexico.

Though Rick and Kathy Hilton were allegedly at the compound during the raid, Paris Hilton seems to be legally in the clear: She was hosting a party in Ibiza at the time.

Just a 400-Kilo Drug Bust at Paris Hilton's​ Family Ranch in Cañas

Local police, who will continue to investigate, suspect the airstrip has been a smuggling port for drug rings in Central America for a long time.

The cops arrested three Nicaraguan citizens and an employee of the estate in connection with the bust. As of now, it seems that it was these shady players, not the Hiltons, who were involved in the sketchy affair.

And where was Paris during all of this? Oh, you know, just playing her usual resident gig at Amnesia in Ibiza, a party aptly — and perhaps autobiographically — called Foam and Diamonds.

Given that the family has a collective net worth of close to $3 billion, it seems highly unlikely they’d be involved in such a risky venture.

Just a 400-Kilo Drug Bust at Paris Hilton's​ Family Ranch in Cañas

Who knows though, could be a backup plan since it appears most of the family’s hotel fortune will be going to a charitable trust, not the Hilton offspring, once old Barron Hilton says adiós.


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