Around 3000 protesters wreck Macedonian President Ivanov Office.

The Macedonian president’s amnesty for politicians accused of fraud and corruption has sparked mounting street protests in the country’s capital Skopje, against the decision of President Đorgo Ivanov that abolished the criminal investigations against the former Prime Minister and current party leader Nikola Gruevski and the members of his cabinet.


Protesters ransacked an office used by the presidency in downtown Skopje, the capital.

Some of the protesters broke trough the police barricade and demolished the office of the President. At least a dozen people have been arrested by the police, with several injured, including one journalist.

With more demonstrations planned by Soros NGO's organizations and civil-society activists and the opposition, supporters of the ruling VMRO party were mobilizing for counter-demonstrations, although the party also has criticized the president’s amnesty decision, at least publicly.

Even former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said that he will not accept the amnesty.

This comes after spying scandal that leader of opposition exposed in the past year done by American agency NSA. This agency is spying more then 20 European countries and when they don't like the government they make scandal and put the tapes in public to overthrow their legit Government.

After that Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski abolished the parliament and scheduled next elections.

But the opposition doesn't like elections because they are losing 10 times in a roll, the majority of Macedonians doesn't like the opposition SDSM and their leader Zoran Zaev.

Now Zaev likes Ukraine scenario in Macedonia, but his probably brain damaged because we don't have Government now and the Parliament is disbanded before elections. This person likes violence, civil war on the streets and likes to involved Albanian terrorists from Kosovo.

With the amnesty President Ivanov amnesty Zoran Zaev also from criminal charges and persecution.

Now the violence and the riots are on the streets and we don' know what will happen.

This comes after Macedonia had good economic connections and cooperation with China, India and Russia.

Greece is helping this situation by letting go more immigrants Muslims on Macedonian territory to make a big mess against Macedonia.

EU is not helping at all.


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