Can you believe it this is not 100% coincidence.

3 Orthodox Christianity Churches in 3 biggest cities in the world burned for Orthodox Easter.

This is a direct attack on Orthodox Christianity like never before in history.

Orthodox countries always suffer with wars produced and made by their enemies. 

We see this in Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Russian Soviet union and all states that later get independence from Soviet Union, we see what is happening to Christians in all Muslim contrives like Egypt and we see what is happening in Syria. It's all connected and it's christian persecution happening all around the world. And it's against Orthodox Christianity.

This time when they celebrate the Jesus resurrection holiday somebody fire them.

Investigators in three cities are looking into large fires at Orthodox churches that occurred around the religion's Easter celebrations and caused widespread damage.

The blazes in New York City, as well as Melbourne and Sydney in Australia, caused only minor injuries, according to multiple reports.

The New York City conflagration on Sunday at the Trinity Chapel Complex that was host to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Manhattan produced dramatic images of flames shooting through windows that filled social media.

"My stepfather (the church caretaker) was in there, but he's fine. He just has smoke inhalation so everybody left thank God," parishioner Alex Elic told CBS New York.

"No one has been injured, there is no one reported missing, and that's the good news for today. The bad news is this church has been destroyed by fire," he said.

A church priest, Father Djokan Majstorovic, says he felt like he was "in a nightmare" as he tried to get to the fire scene that was blocked off by firefighters.

The church was built in the early 1850s and was designated a city landmark in 1968.

In Sydney, a large blaze destroyed the Macedonian Orthodox Church in the Rockdale neighborhood on Monday, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. Three firefighters were injured battling the blaze when bricks fell on them as parts of the building separated.
Also on Sunday, a Macedonian Orthodox church burned to the ground in Sydney, Australia. Four persons, including two firefighters, suffered light injuries. Local fire department officials said that "candles or wiring" are among the possible causes. 

Media reports are speculating that the fire might have been the work of arsonists,who wished to steal the Easter donations left at the temple. 

A 115-year-old Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne was damaged in a blaze on Easter Sunday. Nobody was injured during this incident, while the cause remains unknown at this time. 

Fire also spread on Sunday in a hotel in a 19th century building on the premises of the Orthodox Monastery of Valaam, northern Russia, RT reported. The building was a national heritage site belonging to the monastery.


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