Trump wins in Indiana for President by The Republican Party.

MS Media was expecting Trump supporters to make riots if he doesn't become Republican nominee.

But the real case is that Anti-Trump protesters from tweeter list night threaten riots in response to the Donald’s crushing victory in Indiana.

Anti-Trumpers Call For Riots After Billionaire Wins Indiana

Trump is the right candidate to win over Hillary he's got everything that he needs.

Trump securing 51 delegates last night, forcing Ted Cruz to drop out and and leading RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to tweet that Trump was the presumptive nominee and that all efforts should now be devoted to defeating Clinton.

So Republicans now will support Trump to win over Clinton and those kind of riot that MSMedia news mention was not or din not come true.

Now the NGO's by Soros from all over America are working together very hard to attack Trump in protests and riots.

George Soros is giving them money to do this kind of protests and they like to involved very much Mexican Spanish population in those riot so to make violence and to defeat Trump in the presidential race!

anti-Trumpers, who have been busy staging violence at Trump events across the country for the last three months, reacted to Trump’s success by renewing their vow to engage in mass civil unrest.

The tweets below were all sent out in the immediate aftermath of Trump’s victory in Indiana.

Trump is coming to speak down the road on Friday. FUCK

At least I can tell my kids I went to a trump riot

— BiggestLittle Yote (@MotheYote) May 4, 201

worry boutyall yall really let D

onald Trump even get a stat to go for President here in Toronto would of been a riot for his head lol

— DaManBC (@DaManBC) May 4, 2016


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