Everything happens for a reason.

You think that Nice truck attack was coincidence? Think again.

After that attack France joins USA in Syria attacks killing people there.

That is the way evil world works today.

Every terrorist attack is staged event, false flag for them to use it for another aggression on country for money, oil, gas and control.

This time France staged many events on their country and after that they always attack Syrian forces of Assad in Syria.

Just days after Tunisian-born French resident Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a truck into a crowded Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France, killing at least 84, a French-led bombing attack on the Syrian villages of Tokhar and Hoshariyeh today has reportedly killed more than 120 civilians.

MS Media and even the rebel-friendly Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have confirmed the killings and the civilian victims.

Shortly after the Nice attack, French president Hollande vowed to retaliate by stepping up bombing in Iraq and Syria.

True to his word, Hollande has today killed more than 120 civilians in Syria (warning graphic photos) in retaliation for the actions of a French resident of Tunisian origin (who is said to not even have been a practicing Muslim).

We may be left asking the obvious couple of questions. Why do 120 innocent Syrian civilians deserve to die because 84 innocent French civilians were killed in a terrorist attack?


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