On July 13th, DNC Staffer, Seth Conrad Rich, the DNC’s voter expansion data director, was fatally shot. Police have said they believe his death was the result of a botched robbery attempt. But the police have all of his belongings, nothing was taken from him.


Add on that he was shot in his neighborhood near his residence and conveniently, no witnesses were around.

According to ABCNews, He wanted to “make a difference, do good things, treat people fairly, and try to make the world better,” his father remembered.

The question I am posing now is, was Conrad Rich the staffer who Juliane Assange alludes to having leaked the DNC emails? Assange himself says that a DNC staffer could have leaked these emails. Add on that Conrad Rich himself claimed he “wanted to make a difference, do good things” and died under incredibly suspicious circumstances.

“If we’re talking about the DNC, there’s lots of consultants that have access, lots of programmers,” Assange said in an interview with Though Assange guarantees to never reveal the source, he also claims he does not know the source of the DNC emails. “No one knows who our source is,” Assange said. “It’s simply speculation.”

But did the DNC and Hillary’s cronies actually figure out that someone had compromised the system and data before the release? Something simply doesn’t add up in this. The police claiming robbery is nearly absurd seeing nothing was stolen and there were no witnesses to stop the robbery post-mortem. And to follow, the DNC leak rears its ugly head, potentially changing the course of the election. Did the DNC discover the link prior to Assange leaking the emails? If so, it isn’t a crazy conclusion to feel there may be a connection between the staffer’s odd death and the leaked emails.

Assange now claims he has further emails which could land Hillary in jail and plans to leak them soon. This story is far from over.


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