Hillary Clinton says that Christians are bigoted and deplorable. They are discriminator using ‘code talk’ in her opinion. You know how liberals decry stereotyping of groups? That does not seem to slow them down in their treatment of conservatives and Christians. Oh, and they are homophobic and Islamophobic as well.

Hillary To ‘Take On’ The Issue Of Gun Violence In America

Hillary Clinton: Christians are Bigoted and Deplorable, ‘Religious Liberty’ Code for Discrimination.

Christians across America should be terrified by Hillary Clinton’s denouncing of Trump supporters as “bigoted” people who are so “deplorable” that they are “irredeemable,” because she was primarily talking about people of faith, as reflected by one of her top Democratic supporters just one day before Clinton’s infamous speech.

While many commentators were stunned by Clinton’s comments, most have overlooked the setting and context. Clinton was speaking in New York City at an LGBT event. And she specified that the “bigoted” and “irredeemable” people she was denouncing are both homophobic and Islamophobic.

Observant Christians in 2016 are repeatedly called bigoted and homophobic for holding to biblical teaching and church doctrine that marriage is between a man and a woman, that sexuality should be expressed only between married couples, and that a person’s sex is part of how God deliberately made them, and is something they should embrace. These leftists also say that these observant Christians are anti-woman because believing in protecting the life of the unborn is a form of “discrimination.”

Clinton’s charge of Islamophobia was broadly cast against Americans who raise concerns regarding what certain segments within Islam—not all Muslims, but rather those who adhere the versions that embrace violence and jihad—believe and whether this should.



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