It was like every other morning people going to work with their train.

But this day something happen the train did not stop and crushed into Hoboken train station.

Living 1 dead and more than 100 people injured were taken of the crashed train to hospital.

“There are fatalities,” said a senior transportation official who did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “There are a significant number of injuries. The train was going very fast. There are structural concerns about the facility.”

Jim Smith, a spokesman for

New Jersey Transit, confirmed that there were “multiple critical injuries” when a New Jersey Transit train struck the Hoboken Terminal building on Track 5 around 8:45 a.m. on Thursday. The train was No. 1614, a Pascack Valley line train traveling from Spring Valley to Hoboken.

Michael Larson, a New Jersey Transit employee, was in the station when the train crashed. He said he crawled on his hands and knees to pull people out of the first train car.

“The first car was pretty well destroyed,” Mr. Larson said at the station. “The whole roof was caved in. The seats were broken.”

Mr. Larson, who had blood on his pants leg, said that “by looking at the damage,” he suspected there had been fatalities.

The media people think that there should me belts in this trains and also they should tell the people to run from the place before the train is crushing and not stooping.

“One of the worst days I’ve ever seen,” he said.

People shared photos of the crash on social media, showing a derailed train at the station. One image showed the front of a train stopped beyond the tracks inside the station. Photos also showed damage to the station, which is one of the busiest along the sprawling New Jersey Transit system.

Rail service was suspended into and out of the station, including service provided by the PATH system, which runs between Manhattan and New Jersey. Local buses and ferries were accepting New Jersey train tickets as a result of the accident.


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