The number of victims of Hurricane Matthew, which has wrought havoc in Haiti, neared 900 on Friday as reports from hard-to-access remote southwestern areas continued coming. A total of 350,000 Haitians require immediate assistance, the UN says.

The death toll from the Category 4 hurricane, which has shaken the Caribbean nation, has been climbing with scores of people still missing.
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The hurricane descended on southwest Haiti on Tuesday, with howling winds measuring 233 kilometers per hour (145 mph), bringing overwhelming floods, rooting out trees and demolishing houses as it swept through the country. At least 61,500 people have found temporary home in shelters, mainly the residents of coastal villages deluged by water. According to UNICEF, 80 percent of homes in the southern Haiti have been damaged.

While Haiti is reeling from the tragedy, medical officials fear an outbreak of cholera, with the first seven cases attributed to water contamination with sewage already registered. In 2010, when Haiti was stricken by a devastating earthquake that killed some 90,000 people and almost leveled the capital, Port-au-Prince, to the ground, an ensuing cholera outbreak killed over 9,000 people in Haiti alone, and spread to neighboring countries.

The western end of the Tiburon peninsula was first on the hurricane’s trail of destruction, having suffered the most.
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The city of Jeremie, located in the Grand'Anse department also on Tiburon, was almost reduced to rubble, as 80 percent of the buildings in the city have been severely damaged or ripped apart by the storm.

"We have big problems here. And what I mean is that there are almost no houses left standing. Luckily we didn’t have the loss of lives, but we lost everything. Look, this was my small business that I completely lost. Everything is destroyed by rain,”Medelin Dorvil, a local resident, told RT’s video agency Ruptly.

“We don’t have food, or a hospital to get healthcare. I urge you to go visit the communal hospital, because we need medicines and doctors and other aid," he said.


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