Kerry did aid in creating the vacuum that Daesh filled, with the precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and the American support for the weak Shia government in Baghdad.

He also helped arm Daesh (ISIS) by sending weapons to “moderates” who either weren’t moderate and gave their weapons to Daesh, or who were weak and allowed their weapons to be captured by Daesh. John Kerry’s recent voyage to Italy almost ended in him getting a black eye.

He traveled here in order to meet with Italian foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni and discuss about new ways on how to combat ISIS terrorists.

However, the most interesting thing happened at the end of the conference. One of the journalists who were sitting in the front rows suddenly got up and shouted at Kerry with the words “It was YOU who created ISIS!” and tried to charge at him with her fists.

Naturally, the woman was immediately pounced on by the carabinieri, a scuffle ensued. But she quickly left the room.


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  1. With what self-confidence he believes we are idiots in Europe as the American taxpayer to believe in his speech, hello you massacre your time comes

  2. US created the mess when they tried to displaced and murdered Saddham Hussein. Those US leaders involved should be tried and executed for creating and perpetuating all those atrocities.

  3. Why does it say almost ended in a black eye, yet the photo shows 2