President-elect Donald Trump has warned Meryl Streep and other outspoken celebrities to keep their “nose out of politics” and “leave it to the experts”.

Trump Warns Meryl Streep That Celebrities Have 'No Place In Politics'

The Academy-award winning actress attacked the incoming-President in a 5-minute speech at the Golden Globes seen by millions across the world.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, Trump hit back at Streep, labeling her acting “terrible” and rating her a “2 at best”, before reminding her that “celebrities should stay out of politics”.

“Who the hell does she think she is?” Trump blasted, as Hannity nodded eagerly. “What would a celebrity know about running our country? I mean really, the nerve of that broad.”

Trump pointed to his vast array of achievements and accomplishments as a barometer for the type of experience needed to hold the highest office in the land:

“You think I just walked in here and declared, ‘that’s it, I’m running for president’ without any experience in the political arena whatsoever?” Trump tsked, rolling his eyes. “I’m telling you, the day we let celebrities run our country and tell us what to do, is the day this country is well and truly fucked.”


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