Actor Elija Wood has come forward to expose the true nature of Hollywood pedophilia, claiming that the entire industry is run by a powerful pedophile ring that's shielded by elite ties in Washington D.C.The 35-year-old said that Hollywood is in the grip of a child sexual abuse scandal that involves "very powerful figures" that are protected by political connections "right at the top".

elija wood has exposed the  powerful figures  that operate within hollywood s elite

The former child star, who made his debut in Back To The Future II aged 8, said that he was lucky to be protected by his mother when he first arrived in Hollywood, and he didn't attend the types of parties where the pedophiles would pray on the young actors. 

Fellow former child actor, Corey Feldman, recently revealed his experiences as a child star in Hollywood and described how himself and his best friend, Corey Haim, were molested by "powerful older men" who surrounded children "like vultures" at parties organized by Tinsel Town elites.Feldman attributes Haim's molestation to his drink and drug-fueled demise that led to his eventual death.Elija Wood claims that the Hollywood scandal is on a scale similar to that of Jimmy Savile in the UK, in which the former TV star, who had a close relationship with the British Royal Family, was not only a serial pedophile that had abused literally hundreds of children, but he was also a procurer of children for elite pedophile rings. 

“You all grew up with Savile – Jesus, it must have been devastating,” he told The Sunday Times. “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organised”.“There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” he added. “There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

Last week, hundreds of arrests were made across California in a huge pedophile bust to crack down on human trafficking.Although it seems that authorities now seem to be taking an active stance against these child sex abuse traffickers, some fear that the "powerful figures" at the top of the chain will remain shielded from prosecution.

Wood said abuse prevails because victims are unable to speak as loudly as those in power. “That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people,” he said. “They can be squashed but their lives have been irreparably damaged.”


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  1. A person never knows what to believe anymore. That being said, Elijah Wood's claims seem very plausible. Further, I don't think he would make such comments if they weren't true for he's risking being black-listed. As a final comment, we've all heard of the proverbial Casting Couch so why should we assume that the Casting Couch was only used for adults. These are merely my person opinions.

  2. 'Let me be clear: This subject of child abuse is an important one that should be discussed and properly investigated. But as I made absolutely clear to the writer, I have no first-hand experience or observation of the topic, so I cannot speak with any authority beyond articles I have read and films I have seen.'

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  3. Please proofread your work. It's an important message, but credibility slips with each error.

  4. Sexual molestation... that could explain why Shia LaBeouf turned out to be an unstable asshole. That or the fact that his parents named him Shia.

  5. If this is true then Elijah Wood will at best never get another good movie - at worst he may slip in the shower and die.