The introduction of a limited Western food embargo three years ago has increased domestic production, said the deputy head of the Russian Agriculture Ministry Yevgeny Gromyko.
According to him, "almost $4 billion worth of Russian products have been produced as part of the so-called import substitution.”

Russia produced $4bn worth of food since banning Western imports

That means, previously imported cheese, sausages, and other products have been replaced by domestic ones, Gromyko told reporters on Monday.

Moscow banned imports of agricultural produce, food and raw materials from some Western countries in 2014. The move was in response to EU and US sanctions against Russia over its alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis.

The sides have repeatedly broadened and extended the restrictive measures since then despite warnings to Western governments that their economies are suffering. Some policymakers and businesses say the measures have proven to be politically ineffective and economically harmful for both Russia and Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently said the country's reciprocal action in the form of an embargo on certain Western food products were good for Russia’s economy and should last "as long as possible."


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