And you thought President Donald Trump’s first TV interview was bad … I guess there are new bottoms to be still found when it comes to the 'Circus de Trump' and mainstream media’s propensity to fan hysteria. How fast can you say set up and manipulation?

The soft coup – US Establishment goes to war with President Trump

Donald Trump unleashed a furious storm on his newly inaugurated presidential head when he decided to put ink to paper and sign off on what the world refers to as the infamous “Muslim ban.” And just like that, America … and most of the Western world flocked to the defense of Muslims, arguing Washington’s vile immigration policy and fascist streak!

Who knew it would take a visa ban for the world to jolt back to its humanity and realize that exclusion on the basis of one’s faith or ethnic profile equates to a pernicious act of terror? Hold on! THAT was former US President Obama.

All Trump did with his executive order was to temporary halt the entry of refugees into the United States. All he’s really done is use Obama’s policy as a springboard for his own tempestuous and misguided terror crusade against an enemy he has failed to identify adequately. So let’s give credit where credit is due and thank America’s very own presidential Nobel Peace prize for so kindly laying down the foundation of Trump’s misguidance.

To be perfectly fair, America has done a lot worse by way of injustice and state-sponsored criminal behavior over the years than an entry ban: rendition, black sites, drone strikes, systematic torture, unilaterally declaring war on countries … Need I go on?

Please understand that I am in no way, shape or form excusing or even rationalizing Trump’s decision – but at the same time, I do not like being ran circles around on account a few liberals are upset their “candidate” didn’t get into the White House.


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