THE COPYRIGHT to the book The Diary of Anne Frank is owned by the Anne Frank Fund of Basel, Switzerland. Because Anne Frank died of typhus in 1945, any book written by her would have entered the public domain in 2015. To prevent that (so they can keep profiting from sales), the Fund has admitted that much of the text was interpolated after the end of World War 2 by Otto Frank, who was Anne Frank’s father. (ILLUSTRATION: Otto Frank, collage artist and salesman extraordinaire.)


Of course, this has been known in certain circles for quite some time. Parts of the text, although attributed to Anne Frank, show a distinctly different handwriting. Also, parts of the text were originally written with ink from a ballpoint pen, and those first came into popular use in 1951. There has long been a number of tell-tale clues that The Diary of Anne Frank isn’t what it purports to be, but rather is largely fictional and written by someone other than Anne Frank.

But the Jews in charge of that book have never before admitted this obvious fact — until now. And the reason they’re doing it now is money. From now on, you’ll be hearing how Otto Frank, being very well-informed about his daughter’s experiences, was merely acting as her ghost-writer, putting in nothing other than what actually happened. The Jews won’t give up any more than they have to, in order to keep this financial resource productive for themselves.

The Wikipedia entry on the matter relates “In 2015 the Anne Frank Foundation made an announcement, as reported in the New York Times, that the diary was co-authored by Otto Frank. According to Yves Kugelmann, a member of the board of the foundation, their expert advice was that Otto had created a new work by editing, merging, and trimming entries from the diary and notebooks and reshaping them into a ‘kind of collage,’ which had created a new copyright. Agn├Ęs Tricoire, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property rights, responded by warning the foundation to ‘think very carefully about the consequences.’ She added ‘If you follow their arguments, it means that they have lied for years about the fact that it was only written by Anne Frank'”

I wonder what all those judges in Germany are thinking now. For many years, they’d been deciding civil and criminal defamation cases involving The Diary of Anne Frank in favor of Otto Frank, who claimed that the book was the work of his daughter alone — and who wailed he was being defamed and harmed by revisionist historians who said that she wasn’t. And now it turns out that the revisionists were right all along. All the time. And Otto Frank, who won every case, should have lost every case. The German courts did the wrong thing over and over again for almost half a century.

By David Sims


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