In the past several weeks, Donald Trump has gone to war with the CIA, Meryl Streep, China, and the media.

Now, his latest foe is none other than the internet.

New reports indicate that Trump will pick Ajit Pai to take up the role of Chairman of the FCC.

Pai will be a disastrous force against a free and inexpensive internet since he’s adamantly against net neutrality.

Abolishing net neutrality means that internet providers will put certain sites in “fast lanes” and “slow lanes.” Sites that pay fees to these providers will be slotted into the fast lane, while sites that can’t afford to pay will be slow to access and hard to load.

Pai will be in a position at the FCC to abolish net neutrality once and for all, with rich corporate telecom companies being the only ones who will benefit.

Such a move could be very, very bad for the little guy.

“First off, the web could get more expensive,” said consumer advocate expert Harold Feld. “Websites would probably pass on to consumers the costs of paying for high-speed access.”

“It could become difficult to view certain websites owned by companies that can’t afford to pay for access to an internet fast last,” Feld continued.

“Consumers may start choosing their internet providers based on which websites they like to visit.”


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