The opposition that lost the elections and not received the mandate from The President of Macedonia, try to fake election of Parliament Speaker.

This act was against the Constitution so the people took the justice in their hands and enter the Parliament building in Macedonia. 

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This step that opposition along with Albanian parties take was NOT legit way of electing the speaker of the Parliament . They did not even count the votes, they did not even have 61 people in the Parliament in that time.

This process of political crisis

> that we see was all staged by Obama administration in the past 4 yours when he give 5 million dollars US tax money to un government organizations Soros open societies in Macedonia.

The project was and still is to overthrow the right government of Nikola Gruevski and they made fake revolutions in all this years and they interfere the new elections with the help of the US Ambassador James Baily.

What this liars and manipulators did is they go on elections and take votes from citizens of Macedonia and then the all Albanian parties go in other state Albania and make Tirane platform for the right of Albanians that are against of the Macedonian unity and Constitution.

Now the opposition Zaev accepts the Albanian Tirane platform that's against Macedonia and Macedonian citizens. That is against the Constitution. So all the elected people from the elections that are for this tirane platform are not legit representatives in the Macedonian parliament they all need to be arrested for treason against the state Macedonia and the Constitution.

The court system in Macedonia is not working good this is why Macedonia people are on the streets protesting to protect their own country against this liars and manipulators in office.

Police tried to block the protesters from entering the parliament building but were overwhelmed.

This is why protesters Enter The Parliament yesterday after Opposition and Albanian parties Fakes Election for Speaker of the Parliament. They all should be in jail for this act against Macedonian Constitution.

This is why Macedonian people took the justice in their hands and Enter The Parliament building.

Because Macedonia is country of the Macedonian people that lives there.

Some of the protesters attacked Zoran Zaev leader of the Opposition and other people from their party that commit treason for Macedonia. 

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They want to make Macedonia bi lingual Macedonian and Albanian even when Albanians are just 15% of the all population in Macedonia and have all the rights like nowhere in the world other minority have.

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov summoned leaders from all parties for a meeting on April 28 and called for calm in an address on national television.

"I am calling for tensions to be calmed and for nonviolence," he said. "Lawmakers are primarily responsible for restoring the situation in accordance to the constitution and laws, which were violated today."

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