President Donald Trump is a “chained bear” who has had his “teeth and claws” ripped out by the deep state and neo-conservatives, according to Vladimir Putin.

Describing Trump as a man who talked a good game but was unable to walk the walk, Putin warned his American counterpart that the deep state won’t rest until they have turned him into a “stuffed bear.“

Putin: 'Chained Bear' Trump Has Been 'Duped' By New World Order

Putin expressed sorrow that the American president was “duped” into launching a campaign in Syria, warning that “the New World Order will get what they want, another world war.“

The Russian president also addressed claims by mainstream media that the Syrian government is responsible for gassing its own people. According to Putin, anybody with “common sense” can see that these claims are “a crock of shit.“

“What is my analysis? I’d like to think that common sense speaks for itself. The Syrian army was on the offensive, in some places they had surrounded the rebels entirely. For them to suddenly give away the trump card to those who continually call for regime change is, frankly, a crock of shit.“

“It is completely illogical, especially as it took place during the visit of a UN observer.”

According to Putin, the chemical weapon attack was a false flag on behalf of the Syrian rebels – Al-Qaeda and ISIS – as a ploy to gain further support from the U.S. military in their campaign to overthrow Assad.

“I am more than assured that this was simply provocation on behalf of those who would like to pull others into this war, that would like to garner support from other militaries, the U.S. primarily.”

“I have no doubts about this.”

Putin also challenged the U.S. to provide evidence that the Assad government was behind the chemical attack.

“When it comes to our American friends, they keep saying that Syrian government forces were the ones that used chemical weapons, and that they have evidence. Well then show us said evidence, show the UN observers and show us at the Security Council.”

“Saying that you have evidence but that it is secret and not available for scrutiny, it’s simply disrespectful to your partners in the international community.”


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