Angelina Jolie’s Father Speaks Out Against Illuminati :

In a video uploaded toYouTube, Voight slammed both George Soros and Hillary Clinton, claiming they are attempting to turn America into a country of tyranny.

“May God protect the real truth and may Donald Trump win this presidency. He will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again,” he said.

Daily Mail reports:

Voight has repeatedly supported Trump throughout the election cycle despite the business tycoon’s unprovoked attacks on his daughter Angelina Jolie’s looks.

In the video, posted on Voight’s social media channels, he said: ‘We were once a country of freedom. Now we’re becoming a country of tyranny.

‘Thousands of refugees will flood our nation, and no one will know the good guys from the bad guys. It will kill our economy which is at an all time low under the years of Obama’s presidency.’

Millions of jobs have been created, unemployment has plummeted, and the economy has grown about two per cent each year under Obama’s administration, with experts grading it a ‘solid B or B+’, CNN reported.

But Voight also warned that people would lose their Second Amendment rights under Hillary Clinton, even though she has repeatedly disputed similar statements.

Voight went on to say: ‘Freedom of religion will be attacked…and Hillary will try to stop all conservative voices on TV and radio.

‘Our highest courts will become socialist, and she will restrict what America was founded on – our freedom to become a small business owner and pursue our own personal dreams.’

Voight also accused Soros of ‘turn[ing] hundreds of Jewish people over to the Nazis to be exterminated during World War II,’ an idea perpetuated by conservative commentator Glenn Beck.

When Soros was 14, his father bribed an agriculture official in Nazi-occupied Hungary to pose as his Christian godfather.

Soros once accompanied the man during an inventory of an estate left behind by the wealthy Jewish aristocrat Mor Kornfeld.

In a 1998 episode of 60 Minutes, Soros said: ‘I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.’

While Voight made no reference to Trump’s comments about women in his latest video, he came out to defend the business tycoon days earlier.

‘I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro’s rant against Donald Trump…’

‘Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert DeNiro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone.’ Voight tweeted in response to the Republican candidate’s comments that he could sexually harass women without consequence.

‘I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms toward women, especially in their younger years,’ Voight added.

Trump has since been accused of sexual harassment by six women in the days following the 2005 hot mic recording’s emergence.


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