Was this a drill or not we don't know. 

But I can tell you there are no so much real photos from the victims. 

MSMedia says there are twenty two people, including children, were killed and 119 injured after a suicide bomber carried out a terror attack at Manchester Arena.

Casualties are carried out of the Manchester Arena on barriers after the explosion
Hundreds of people fled the packed arena screaming after hearing 'loud bangs' at the end of an Ariana Grande concert last night.
Victims lie motionless on the blood-streaked ground inside the arena's foyer
Many of the gig goers were young female fans of primary school age, with an eight-year-old schoolgirl among those killed.
This morning, panicked parents were searching for their missing kids after the attacker detonated an IED at the venue.

Watch this video exposing this event as staged drill:

Pictures of children and teens who attended the concert were being circulated on social media in a desperate bid to track them down.
It came as Greater Manchester Police chief constable Ian Hopkins revealed the death toll had risen from 19 to 22.
Announcing the devastating news, he said: "What I can confirm is that there are children among the deceased."
He added: "This has been the most horrific incident we have had to face in Greater Manchester and one we all hoped we would never see.
"Families and many young people were out to enjoy a concert at the Manchester Arena and have lost their lives."
Fifty nine people - several with life-threatening injuries - were hospitalised after the terrorist blew himself up.
A further 60 'walking wounded' were treated by paramedics in the city centre, according to ambulance chiefs.


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