Letters from Michael Jackson have recently surfaced in which he states that he is "terrified" that he is going to be murdered by the Illuminati.

The King of Pop sent a total of 13 letters to a close friend just weeks before his untimely death that reveal his fears that he is about to be "sacrificed" and that he "feared for his life".

According to the recipient of the notes, long-time confident Michael Jacobshagen says Jackson said;
michael jackson revealed he thought he would be murdered weeks before he died

"The Illuminati is going to sacrifice me""They are trying to murder me""I am scared about my life" The chilling messages emerged after Jacobshagen spoke to broadcaster Daphne Barak for Australian TV show Sunday Night.

The German businessman claims Jackson once called him in tears from a secret hideaway in Las Vegas, begging him to fly from his native Germany to be with him. as he thought Illuminati assassins were after him.

Jacobshagen flew out to meet his friend in Vegas and spent 3 days with him, and it was at this time when he handed him the harrowing letters, saying: "He was in emotional meltdown saying, ‘they are going to murder me’.

"Michael Jackson's family have always argued that he was intentionally killed when he prematurely died in 2009 aged 50, and earlier this year, his daughter Paris claimed to have evidence that the secret society was behind the murder of her father.

It has always been widely believed MJ had Illuminati connections, with some even going as far to say that his album covers and music videos predicted events that were orchestrated by the Elite, such as 9/11, in an attempt to subliminally desensitize the public. © press Michael's daughter Paris Jackson, claims to have evidence the Illuminati killed her father. 

The letters often refer to the secret society only as "they", and never identify any individuals by name.One said: 

"They make so much pressure to me… I’m scared about my life."Jackson was found dead in Los Angeles just weeks later while under the care of his personal physician Conrad Murray.Murray served half of a four-year jail sentence for involuntary manslaughter for administering the lethal drug, after his official cause of death was given as an overdose of sedative propofol.

Jacobshagen has now claimed the troubled star was using the drug to treat his insomnia for more than a decade.He says he is going public with the letters to back Jackson's daughter Paris in exposing the Illuminati for being responsible for the singer's death.


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