A Pentagon whistleblower has revealed that WikiLeaks' recent revelations about the CIA's hacking and extreme surveillance are just the tip of the iceberg and the files that Julian Assange will release to the public hold the key to the truth on "everything" the CIA has ever been involved with, including 9/11, Pedogate and even the Kennedy assassination.
the pentagon insider has revealed that wikileaks with expose everything
The Vault 7 leaks have sent shockwaves through the intelligence community with the CIA now desperately scrambling to cover its tracks.The latest leak from inside the Pentagon has confirmed that there are American patriots working within the US Government to help the president "drain the swamp" who want the best for the American people by exposing the truth about the CIA's wrongdoings.

Speaking to Victurus Libertas, the Pentagon insider gave this interview:Q. Vault 7 is the biggest story of the year, right?A. It gets bigger by orders of magnitude.Q. So what happens now?A. The story will go well beyond Implants, C2’s, and LP’s.Q.  What does that mean?

A. Listening posts, Malware. The danger is in how the CIA declassified “war code”. They also failed to keep different eggs in different baskets. This can be blamed on the agency not wanting to loop NSA in their plans. In essence, the CIA sought to create their own NSA.Q. What do you see happening next?A. Well, “Whack A Mole” takes on a whole new meaning!Q. Whoa…….
A. The media steps in. Talking heads bemoan the “threat to national security”, blame Russia, avoid any mention of Uk involvement or Israel, which by the way, is furious beyond belief and scared shitless at the release of Vault 7… as are the Brits.

Q. We keep hearing this. Why? The Brits and Israeli’s are allies, right?
A. Define ally? The CIA, MI6 and Israeli secret service have been engaged in asymmetrical espionage on civilians, both domestically and abroad. They turned their tradecraft on the civis[civilians]. That's not going to play out well. There are bigger floods ahead, I fear.
Q. What type of things can we expect?A. Right now, the first dump concentrated on the CIA’s toolkit. The fear and loathing barometer tells me there is a real concern the source code will get leaked, and even bigger concern the CIA’s past ‘activities” get exposed. If that happens, we will have a shockwave and an instant realignment of friends and foes.

Q. Could you explain further?
A. Let's say Wikileaks divulges that the CIA engages in domestic espionage in tandem with Mossad and MI6... Let's say CIA looks the other way while foreign nations are allowed to surveil American citizens… Let's say the people find out we created Isis with Israel, or the CIA really did neutralize Kennedy. Imagine how the citizens will view the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. In truth, these entities are not the beast, but rather the claws of the beast. The combination of the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 can be considered the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world.

Q. Wow. So you are saying Wikileaks may leak the secret history of the CIA?A. I am sure it's coming. Why did they use a Kennedy quote referencing the CIA’s destruction as their passphrase? I am pretty certain they plan to expose just who was behind the Kennedy assassination.

Q. If foreign nations were behind 9/11, will the people sit idly and forget about it and go back to their everyday lives?A. 2 years ago, I would have been confident they would have behaved as the lemmings the CIA expects them to behave like. But the foundation of trust is eroding. People no longer trust DC, MSM, Banks, our courts, etc.

Q. Will Pedogate ever be fully exposed?A. Vault 7 will make certain that Pedogate is exposed. CIA and Mossad are behind much of it. Many in my close circle welcome what Wikileaks has done. Most military servicemen serve honorably. Most law enforcement as well. We want the swamp drained. If Trump muzzles Pence, and guides this nation by his instincts, my guess is he will gut the CIA, modernize it, kick the MI6 and Mossad out of the tent and start re-evaluating who our friends are. Start with Saudi Arabia. Our relationship with the UK is very good from a military standpoint. That will not go away. But, we need to weaken the power and reach of our current intelligence community as it is forced to disengage from foreign intelligence services like Mi6 and Mossad. We have to stand alone.

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