President Trump trashed NATO for not even trying to meet their financial commitments during the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to 9/11 victims. Trump made it very clear that he wants all of them to pay their fair share. Watch what he says at minute 1:06.

Trump said that and immediately everyone look shell shocked. They are all like thinking: “Did he just say that?”

Emmanuel Macron looks shell shocked.

Look at Merkel.

The United States and Estonia are the only countries that meet their pledge to pay 2% of their GDP to cover NATO costs. Here is a graph of their terrible record on spending. Here it is via Business Insider.

Like usual, Trump is 100% correct in his calling for Europe to pay their fair share. Let’s put in our fair share and get Trump’s message out.

Share this right now if you are tired of paying for everyone else’s defense!

Make this go viral so everyone in America can see how Europe is screwing the American people.


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