The billionaire founder of PayPal Peter Thiel has admitted to drinking the blood of teenagers in a bid to extend his own lifespan.The 48-year-old has funded startups dedicated to extending the human lifespan and claims that people are conned by "the idea of the inevitability of the death".

paypal founder peter thiel admitted to drinking blood to extend his lifespan

During an interview with’s Jeff Bercovici, Thiel admitted that he harvests young blood and infuses himself with it in a practice known as parabiosis which he claims is the closest modern science has come to creating an anti-aging panacea.According to reports, Thiel spends $40,000 per quarter to get an infusion of blood from a teenager during the process of "parabiosis", which means the biological joining of two individuals.The huge expense involved in anti-aging parabiosis could lead us to a dystopian future where the wealthy, who wish to live forever, will thrive on the blood of the poor, who will die at a normal age.

Breaking Down The News reports: Thiel — a hedge funder who acted as a delegate for Donald Trump and spoke at the 2016 Republican National Convention — is reportedly obsessed with defying death and extending the human lifespan.He has injected funds into startups that are experimenting with ways to forestall the body’s inevitable decline and death.

“I’m looking into parabiosis stuff,” Thiel told Bercovici, “where they [injected] the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect. … I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely underexplored.”Parabiosis experiments began in the 1950s with crude exercises in which rats were cut open and their circulatory systems restructured and manipulated.Recently, some companies have been advancing human trials with parabiosis. Bercovici wrote that U.S. studies in the field are currently lagging behind trials in China and Korea.

A California company called Ambrosia is conducting human trials in which healthy people aged 35 or older receive transfusions of blood plasma from people under 25. Participants pay $8,000 to take part and their health is closely monitored for the two years they receive the transfusions. Participants must live in or have the means to travel to Monterey, CA.Ambrosia’s founder Jesse Karmazin told Bercovici that participants experience a reversal of aging systems across every major organ system. Furthermore, the results appear to be long-lasting, he said, if not permanent.“The effects seem to be almost permanent,” Karmazin said. 

“It’s almost like there’s a resetting of gene expression.”Jason Camm — chief medical officer at Thiel Capital — reached out to Karmazin, saying that the company is interested in his studies. Camm is listed on his LinkedIn page as, “Personal Health Director to Peter Thiel … and a number of other prominent Silicon Valley business leaders and investors.”In an interview last year, Thiel told Bercovici that our culture is “a little too biassed against all these things” that purportedly prolong life. When the reporter asked Thiel if he was looking at parabiosis as a business opportunity or a personal medical decision, Thiel said the latter. 

The practice, he said, isn’t necessarily patentable, which compromises its potential money-making value.However, he said, the FDA needn’t get involved or study the practice because “it’s just blood transfusions.”There are rumors that some wealthy individuals in Silicon Valley are doing courses of parabiosis, but Thiel said last year that he hadn’t “quite, quite, quite started yet.” A spokesman for Thiel Capital said that nothing has changed since then.


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  1. Vampires are real? That means rotten fucks like Pinochet, Stalin, pol pot, and other nasty tyrants are gonna last forever and the common man will never get a chance to get out from under the tyranny through the natural release of death. Whose gonna save us now? Notice the company is called Ambrosia!

  2. Expose these parasites to the sun and stake them through their black, dead hearts.

  3. Bleed them out and give them a mouse blood transfusion. RATS will out.

  4. Maybe science labs can engineer a better, super-human type of blood that can then be transfused to older humans and extend their lifespan?

    1. Science can't synthetically replicate blood, not yet anyway.

    2. Science can't synthetically replicate blood, not yet anyway.

  5. Dummies...they are actually on to something here just the wrong product.