Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” UKIP MEP and Fox News contributor Nigel Farage explained that the power structure within the European Union was “terrified” of President Donald Trump because of the fear he would bypass them, particularly with trade deals and it would not be to their best interest.

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[T]his new American administration does not respect super national organizations like the European Union,” Farage said. “It believes in nation states. These guys here, they were scared after Brexit, they’re now terrified by Trump.”
“What they’re terrified of is this: This incredible structure that has been built up here in Brussels — it’s been one of the best pay jobs, one of the best pension provisions for tens of thousands of people the world has ever seen,” he added.

“What they know is not just with Brexit, but in every country in Europe, the populations are saying, ‘What on earth is this about? Why don’t we run our on countries and make our own laws?’ And there’s been some hints coming out from the trump administration that they would like to do trade deals and business with countries bilaterally bypassing the bureaucrats of the European Union. So they fear that Trump effectively will freeze them out.

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