The liberal elite is stuck in film-making like a tick on a mule, and they’re more than happy to let their liberal, anti-religious flag fly, no matter how much it alienates Christians in the audience.
Now, Christians have yet another reminder as to why they should boycott “The Big Bang Theory,” aside from the reason that it’s just not funny.
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I’m sorry, guys, it’s true. It’s a really weak show.
Back to the point: On Sept. 25, “The Big Bang Theory” aired the season 11 premiere, “The Proposal Proposal,” and there was one question fans wanted answered: Will Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) become engaged?
Spoiler alert: They get engaged. Of course they do. It’s the 11th season, for crying out loud.
When it came to telling Sheldon Cooper’s mother, Mary Cooper (Laurie Metcalf), Sheldon felt it very important that Jesus was not going to have any part of the wedding.
You know, that sacred bond ordained by God that shows us Christ’s love for us. No Jesus in there, thank you very much.
Here’s how the scene unfolded:
For those not inclined to watch the clip, here’s the transcript:
Sheldon: Mother, I have some good news to share.
Amy: We’re engaged!
Mary: I am so happy for you two, but I’m not surprised. I’ve been praying for this.
Sheldon: Well, God had nothing to do with it. It happened because I was kissing another woman, and it made me realize I wanted to be with Amy.
Mary: More than one woman was interested in you? I might have prayed a little too hard.
Sheldon: Wait, oh, and I just… I want to let you know right now that we are not getting married in a church.
Mary: That’s all right, Sheldon. Anywhere Jesus is is a church.
Sheldon: Well, he won’t be at our wedding.
Mary: He’s in my heart, so if I’m there, he’ll be there.
Sheldon: OK, well, then, he’s your plus-one. You don’t get to bring anyone else.
Mary: That’s fine. Love you.
Sheldon: Love you, too. Bye.
Mary: Lord, thank you. Even though you can do anything, that was mighty impressive.
Come on, guys. There was no need for that scene at all in the way it was created. Absolutely no God-bashing was needed in the creation of that phone call.
ary Cooper’s character has been around since the first season of the show, and there has been plenty of God-bashing in there. Take, for example, the beginning of the 10th season, in which Mary Cooper is referred to as a “Bible-Thumping Bumpkin,” according to NewsBusters.

There’s no good reason to watch this show, folks. Let’s leave it alone.

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