“Kosovo has always been Serbian and the Serbs will one day claim back their land.’’ This is Tom Hanks’ controversial statement that is even to this day being disputed by both the Serbian and media worldwide.

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An enormous number of “local and global” media have spread the news about this famous American actor and producer’s words about Kosovo belonging to Serbia and the Serbs returning to Kosovo one day. However, soon enough the question about the authenticity and credibility of these claims was opened.
This famous statement allegedly occurred during an interview the famous Hollywood actor gave to E!, where he talked about a new film by Steven Spielberg which dealt with the creation of the state of Israel. And it would have been an ordinary interview were it not for Hanks comparing the Jewish suffering with the suffering of the Kosovo Serbs.
“During World War II the Jews faced the Holocaust, not to mention what they had to deal with hundreds of years prior to that. And despite of all that, they’ve managed not to lose faith in their roots and their hope of regaining their homeland. They spent a whole millennium greeting each other with the words ‘Next year in Jerusalem’. We have the same thing happening with Kosovo today, said the Oscar-winning actor.

Many wrote on Hanks’ religious views. Namely, he joined the Greek Orthodox Church in 1988 after marrying actress Rita Wilson.
The media also reported Hanks saying that Serbs inhabited Kosovo once, built their monasteries and had their kings there, and then the Albanians came and banished them from their lands.
“In the late 20th century, NATO bombs were falling on the Serbs and they still didn’t want to admit that Kosovo is an independent state and kept saying ‘Kosovo is Serbia’, just like the Jews, who managed to get their lands back eventually. The same might happen with the Serbs.”, concluded Hanks.

Tom Hanks with wife Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks with wife Rita Wilson
Hanks grew up in Catholic then Mormon household. After he married actress Rita Wilson, of Greek Orthodox descent, he apparently converted to Orthodoxy and there has since found stability in the faith. (The article goes on to say that the pair often attend daily services during Holy Week and their daughter is a nun serving in the Holy Land at the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.) Perhaps this gave him another perspective on the Kosovo question?


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