Are Nation States Outdated?
The nation-state is outdated and counter-productive according to George Soros. Soros has placed $18 billion of his personal money outside the long taxation arm of the IRS because a soon-t0-be-extinct nation, does not need the money. If he had his way, Soros would like to see every nation state fail. He was responsible for the Arab Spring that toppled many governments in the Middle East including Egypt. 

And being the political and economic hitman that he is, he has been brought to America to become our national hitman. He seeks to destroy America and seemingly, his every action is intent on the breakup and destruction of America whether it be through the creation of a phony racial civil war or the breakup of the US through anti-American movements such as CALEXIT.
The Emergence of the Rollerball Syndrome

We know that six corporations control 98% of the media. It works pretty much the same in any industry or part of the economy and this concept will be developed later in this article.
I made the following video during the general election campaign in 2016 when the results were very much in doubt. I detailed how Hillary Clinton guaranteed Wall Street that the corporations would reign supreme over the national interest and the ultimate welfare of the people. In a Wall Street speech, I noted, in the following video, that Hillary effectively promised a world ruled by corporations as opposed to nation-states. We are fast approaching a border-less world where government will soon become extinct. What will that day look like? The following video lid out what was to be Hillary’s master plan to destroy the country she tried to get elected to serve as our Enslave-In-Chief.

At the top of Hillary’s list was the full implementation of the draconian free trade agreement known as the TPP and this would have been the vehicle to world government.
Hillary Clinton, the Global Elite, the TPP and the Rollerball Syndrome
The Rollerball movie was set 43 years into the future from the time of the release of the movie, in the year 2018 (how prophetic), in which a total of six corporations have replaced nation states as the ruling authority following the demise of the planet’s countries. With the absence of war or conflict, a forcibly passive population’s bloodlust is satisfied by a brutal new sport known as Rollerball.
More popular than today’s NFL Football and the Superbowl, Rollerball resulted in the universal practice of eliminating all individuality and freedom of choice. By the way, the athletes in the 2018 version of Rollerball stood for the global corporate anthem and did not kneel.
For decades the elite have engaged in a global psyops in which they inducex a state of general helplessness among the people. It all starts with false flag events in which random people are targeted and the end result is a state of generalized helpless behavior.

Rollerball’s lethality and the inevitable demise of all the participants serves the social control purpose of conditioning the masses into a state of learned helplessness in which they are programmed to believe that they have no control over their fate and the whim of the corporations is all-powerful over the free will of the individual. In the movie, there are no Constitutions or civil liberties. Under corporate rule, there are no Constitutional or civil liberties. We are all servants of the state.

The ultimate message of this movie is that if we ever permit corporations to rule the world, we will be living in a “hell on earth” scenario. Quite obviously, the movie was 43 years ahead of its time and its predictive value as to the state of today’s world was enormous.
The following short video describes what life will be like under the TPP. If the TPP had been passed, there would have been no coming back.

The Trump Factor
If America had not temporarily awakened a little over a year ago, we would soon be entering our second year under the TPP. The TPP would have installed corporate martial law over modern nations. The courts, the Congress and the people would have been rendered helpless. Former President Obama was to be the setup man in this process and Hillary was to be the closer. But Donald Trump’s improbable election postponed the demise of America.
The corporate elite are not angered that Hillary was not elected, they could care less about her because any stooge would do. However, they care very much that Donald Trump helped the world avoid the installation of a de facto world government and economic system under the TPP. Trump does not get the credit he deserves for killing the TPP. He temporarily saved America and even the Independent Media does not give him the credit he deserves for this action.
The Empire Strikes Back
Donald Trump won the 2016 election largely becaue of the efforts of the Independent Media (IM). Now the “Empire” is going after the IM with a vengeance. As I reported yesterday, Google is de-listing all IM sites before Christmas in an effort to stop the spread of dangerous independent thinking that would result in the realization of more freedom. Google, Youtube (owned by Google), Facebook, Twitter are all heavily censoring anything that resembles Constitutional thinking and they are obliterating anything resembling Christianity.
Since the TPP is dead, the corporate elite on this planet are enacting an old strategy to accomplish the same goals that they would have if the TPP had become law. They are dusting off the old merger and acquisition system of consolidating power. At the front and center of this strategy is the Time Warner and AOL merger that Trump”s DOJ have sued to stop. This would consolidate about 40% of the nation’s news and media service. Did you know that this agreement would control, for example, HBO and CNN? This is the biggest attempt at centralizing power through mergers and acquisition, however, it is certainly not the only one. When the dust clears we will be looking at a Rollerball style of corporate lineup that resembles the following:
The retail cartel is going extinct and Amazon is quickly grabbing the lion’s share of the retail market by replacing it with the online shopping cartel. Amazon owner Bezos is now estimated to be personally worth over $100 billion dollars. Before you think that this is a benign development. Bezos has entered into several agreements with the CIA through the Washington Post to facilitate the flow of information through the elite interests only. Can you say drug-running, gun running, and child sex trafficking will become the unreported industries with the highest growth potential?
Ninety eight percent of the the communications industry was already dominated by six corporations. The previous Times-AOL merger would consolidate this owner to much a higher degree. This strategy includes the elimination of the Independent Media and Google, through acquistions and mergers are accomplishing this goal. And mark my words, Zuckerberg has complied by entering the censorship party, even though it hurts Facebook revenues, because he has been promised a chance at the Presidency. Mark it down, this is coming.
The banking cartel has already been highly centralized under the Federal Reserve. However, cryptocurrencies threaten this domination and there needs to be a widespread depression and economic collapse to eliminate the threat of cryptocurrency as well as a renewed interest in investing in the precious metals market. After the economic collapse, I predict that the corporate controlled media will blame the collapse on cryptocurrency and it will be outlawed in the reformation of a global economic structure which will replace national economies.

The defense industry is dominated by the likes of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin and their subsidaries. These organizations interlock with the ownership fo the Federal Reserve and oil as well as the underground trafficking markets including drugs, guns and child trafficking. And what about oil? It is a subset of banking and defense in the new economy and will one day be replaced by alternative energy (eg algae).
The medical industry cartel, which accounts for 18% of America’s GDP, was placed under one central control under Obamacare. Trumpcare may provide a few cosmetic changes, but the control will remain along with the overpriced medical insurance and treatments.
The crown jewel of the new global empire will be religion cartel. Before you Christians break out into a celebration, you need to realize that before the one-world United Nations religion is installed, your religion must be eradicated from the face of the earth. Does that mean feeding the Christians to the lions? In a manner of speaking it does. However, FEMA Camps will replace the lions and many of your Judas pastors will be selling you down the river through the activities of organizations like the Clergy Response Team. By the way, the new centralized religion has a name, GAIA.

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