A doctor has dropped dead in the bathroom of a hospital and was not found until several hours later.
Investigators are trying to piece together how Miguel Crespo, 40, came to his death on the Upper East Side ofNew York after police officers said there were no signs of injury or trauma.

Vomit was said to have been found next to his body after he had died at some stage during the day on the eighth floor of the Weill Cornell Medical Center at East 68th Street and York Avenue.
His body was discovered at 3pm, according to the New York Post.

Crespo’s bio has him listed as a research associate in surgery at the center where he started work back in 2011 as the stem cell lab researching colon cancer.
The center’s spokeswoman Sarah Smith told the New York Daily News: ‘Weill Cornell Medicine is saddened by the death of our colleague Miguel Crespo, PhD.
‘We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.’
Away from the hospital, Crespo was a part-time photographer and graphic designer.

On his website, his mission statement reads: ‘Throughout my life, I have relentlessly strived to capture the beauty in things I always felt the world has yet to discover – windows, shadows, reflections, the magic in the velvety light that projects on our eyes,’ he wrote on his photo design website.

‘I have always been mesmerized by the compassion, the emotion, and the meaning somebody’s look can convey and inspire.’
One of his neighbors Xoey Lee, 38, told NYDN he did not appear seem ill and said: ‘He’s always polite. He always says, “Hi”.’

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