New World Order Plan to Militarise, Patrol and Enslave the World:
The coming World Empire requires the destruction of all sovereign nations and the world carved up into military zones of control whose boundaries have no relation to ancient established borders or to ethnic homelands.
New World Order

The coming World Tyranny requires total control over people’s thoughts and movements from the cradle to the grave and to do this the Occult Hierarchy behind the World Revolution will use all the dark occult knowledge they possess and every technological invention available to enslave mankind.
The coming World Empire will be of such a dark and terrible nature its effects will dwarf every other tyranny and human outrage in history in its application, scale and intensity.
Those who do not recognise that there is a plan to create a One World Government by destroying the sovereignties of all nations are either poorly informed fools or well informed liars who desire to conceal their knowledge and complicity in this unholy alliance of like-minded people.
There is a conspiracy, a plot if you will, for World Empire and it is as old as Methuselah. Today, the people behind this plot for a “New World Order” are heir to an ancient agenda whose terrible impress in the historical process can be easily seen by those with eyes to see.
These modern overlords of the New World Order are referred to by such names as Globalists, Internationalists, International Bankers, the Financial Global Elite, the Invisible Money Power, etc. and much of their dark works are carried out in great secrecy because they do not wish to alert the sleeping masses to this work –the “Great Work of the Ages”- and so alert them to the great danger they are in. But, gentle reader, behind these men of great power and influence lays a much greater power.
This power resides in the occult network of secret societies whose leaders are the Occult Hierarchy. And reader, understand, that this occult power is an ancient power and the Occult Hierarchy are its human representatives on Earth who are the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil.
These modern conspirators are immensely powerful because they are heir to many centuries of conspiratorial work that has gifted this generation of master conspirators their unique position in the historical process. That is, as the Lords of Power whose power and influence transcends national boundaries and the constraints of personal destinies and lifetimes. Their occult power is passed onto others by succession –i.e. a chain of intergenerational Satanists spanning the ages – and so this power transcends the constraints of time. And by doing, inexorably amplifies itself and thus gaining more and more control over the temporal affairs of the world.
Hitherto, these Lords of Power worked very secretly. Their dark work, this Ancient Evil Agenda, sometimes referred to by insiders as the “Great Work,” was a Closed Conspiracy known only to the initiated and enforced by terrible blood oaths to secrecy that were enforced mercilessly if broken. For, they knew that if too many people awoke and learned the truth about what has been happening they would be moved to do something about it. Moreover, they also understood the danger of a large number of these awakened souls finding out who their enemy really is, and how this enemy does its work and for what end, and that these people may rise up and destroy those who are behind this diabolical plot. So the Evil Agenda for World Empire was a great secret among the occult underworld known only to the favoured few. However, in recent times the Occult Hierarchy decreed that the time was ripe for their “Great Work” to be revealed for those with eyes too see, for, know they believe that there preparations are so complete that nothing can stop them and so they now boast of their works. And so the Closed Conspiracy for World Empire under the sway of the secret societies is now an Open Conspiracy.
The Open Conspiracy for World Empire has now many followers working assiduously in all spheres of human society. Their collective efforts have been described by many names, such as the “Aquarian Conspiracy”, but it is largely a product of the Humanist Agenda to reduce the world to a godless place. Thus, in a mundane sense these foot soldiers of the Evil Agenda are the so-called “liberals” and “progressives” who work to bring moral and spiritual chaos into the lives of individuals and in the affairs of nations by working to destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth. They are thus the humanists, socialists, communists, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, hedonists, bureaucrats, environmental extremists, blasphemers, Satanists and pagans: who work individually to satiate their personal weaknesses and exercise peculiar enmities and hatreds but whose collective efforts combine in a fearful assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth. And, by doing so, they set their faces against God because Natural Moral Orderis His Will in His Creation.
However, behind these “liberals” and “progressives,” these foolish, selfish people, are those who understand the true nature of what they do and for what ultimate purpose. These are the initiates of the New World Order who are the movers and shakers, the wealthiest and the most influential people in the world who live on the pinnacles of fabulous wealth and exercise real power as change agents of the New World Order. Moreover, the most elevated of these powerful men visible to the world are the international usurers, and specifically Jewish International Bankers. That is why the baneful presence of the Jew moneychanger and usurer in the dark history of banking is so prominent. But behind these, wielding immense power from the shadows, are the true Lords of Power … the Occult Hierarchy, which control the secret societies, and who are the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil.
For many centuries a small but immensely powerful cabal –the Cult of Evil– has been working towards the day when they will be able to force the sovereign nations of the world to submit to a One World Governmentunder their direct control. They have long-planned for the day when they will come out of the shadows and declare themselves masters of the world and all things in it. A prerequisite for this World Empire is a world bank and a world currency and so great efforts have been made to compel the nations of the world to accept a one world monetary system, which this Cabal of Evil will control. That is why control of gold, money, banking and credit are integral to this agenda to create conditions necessary for the inauguration of the New World Order. Those in control of the New World Order, the Lords of Power, have been orchestrating this wicked and evil plan for centuries and they have shrewdly understood that control of the monetary systems of all nations is the key to implementing an iron-fist control over the nations of the world. The other main mechanism of control is the establishment of a World Army and World Police Force whose power will be almost limitless in their task of controlling all people, everywhere, totally from the cradle to the grave. And crucial to this is a cashless society and a micro-chipped population.
This is why the world has been redrawn according to the imperatives of this ancient dream of the Secret Societies for a World Empire under their sway. A World Empire with a World Government and World Religionin which everyone, everywhere is identified, tracked and traced in an instant in a total surveillance grid spanning the globe. That is, everyone everywhere is controlled totally from the cradle to the grave. That is why the architects of the New World Order has demarcated the world into military regions and a version of this posited global tyranny deliberately leaked into the public arena. Such is the way of things today since the hitherto very secret, very dark conspiracy for World Empire has now become an Open Conspiracy.
Human history is replete with numerous empires and kingdoms, emperors and kings, presidents and republics that have all wax and waned. Every one of them have endured but for a short time. Every personal ambition, every selfish desire and Will-to-Power has exhausted itself with the demise of the individual. Superficial analysis of history concludes that this haphazard process, this step by step progress and seemingly arbitrary destruction of the “old” and its replacement with the “new” with no apparent pattern of improvement, is the only pattern in history. That is, the destruction of old things without putting better ones in their place. In short: no rising of a Brotherhood of Man or universal peace and prosperity emerging from it all. However, the proper student of history will disagree with this superficial analysis and recognise that history is not accidental. That nothing happens in history by accident and that everything occurs by design.
Furthermore, that human history is linear, progressive and illustrates the unfolding design of Higher Hidden Hands towards preordained Ends. By understanding this, the proper student of history also understands that beneath the thin veneer of orthodox history lays the hidden stream of objective history in which these designs can be seen. And one of these designs, like a threadrunning through the disorderly process, is the ancient ambition of secret societies for World Revolution leading to despotic World Government. This is the World Empire under the sway of the Lords of Power, the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil, the Occult Hierarchywho are leaders of the secret societies. And this, gentle reader, the establishment of World Government by World Revolution, is the very ancient ambition of Secret Societies whose dark consequences can be seen by those with eyes to see. In short: this ancient ambition has been responsible for most of the suffering and degradation endured by humans throughout history, but especially in the last three hundred years.
This thread, this dreadful ambition for World Empire, is woven into the fabric of human history and all proper students of history who have examined this matter soon find that their researches take them back into very ancient times. Furthermore, any proper analysis of the situation leads the researcher to conclude that the plan for World Revolution and the establishment of the New World Order did not spring, as by demonic birth, from the mind of one man. Nor is it the progeny of collective human minds. The ultimate source and inspiration for the establishment of the New World Order is a non-human intelligence of immense power. It is demonic and comes from the two principalities of Evil –Luciferic and Ahrimanic (Satanic) – that seek to supplant God’s rule on Earth. It is from this dark, dark source that the plan for World Empire and World Tyranny comes and its impress upon history is effected by humans who, witting or unwitting, carry out the designs of this plan by offering themselves as agencies, or vehicles, by which the Will of Evil is made manifest on Earth. The intricate, infinitely complex agenda for World Empire operating throughout time and in all aspects of the human condition is not the product of human minds but is the progeny of Evil acting through human agents. Moreover, what is now unfolding on Earth today has a long history of organisation and conspiracy preceding it. This is the history of the Secret Societies and until recent times this was a Closed Conspiracy enforced by blood oaths, fear of revenge and murder. However, a point was reached where this Closed Conspiracy became visible to all and this occurred in our recent world, in Germany in the 18th Century.
The Organised Evil that is the occult underworld of the Secret Society has had a devastating influence upon human history. And, when any proper study of history is carried out, this baneful influence can easily be seen. This organised Evil has been a perennial presence in human history and has largely carried out its dark work from the shadows. However, occasionally this malignant work is uncovered and the perpetrators exposed to a publicity they assiduously work to avoid. A salient example when the work of Evil became manifest was in 1787 with the chance discovery by the Royal Bavarian Government of the documents of a ruthless secret society, supposedly controlled by Adam Weishaupt, a university professor. This was the Illuminati.
These secret documents proved, for the first time, the existence of the revolutionary conspiracy which today -it has had various other names- manifests as Communism. The aims of the Illuminati, clearly stated in their lost papers, were the abolition of religion, family, nations and the establishment of World Government. To this end, the Illuminati played a large part in the secret societies behind the evil of the French Revolution and then extended their baleful influence to America, such that George Washington expressed himself:

“… fully satisfied that the doctrines of the Illuminati have spread to the United States”.
However, this brief exposure ended and the ancient revolutionary conspiracy again went underground guarding itself with the entire sinister armoury at its disposal especially that of lies, deceit, fear, intimidation, blackmail, murder and bribery . Yet, the subversive movement for World Revolution because of its over-arching ambition cannot remain totally hidden and its adherents often make this dark dream known to the public, albeit in more palatable forms. The subversive work comes in many forms but they are all characterised by the desire of “One-Worlders” to dissolve the sovereignty of nations and set up super-national dictatorship be it by stealth or via “World Revolution.”
Chief amongst these was the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 to promote international peace and security and ushered into being by the proven Communist traitor Alger Hiss. However, although Hiss was indeed a traitor to America his allegiance was not to Communism per se, to Soviet Russia and the monster tyrants who ruled the Russian people with an iron fist, but to the New World Order and the Global Elite who are behind it, and ultimately to the secret societies and the Occult Hierarchywho command it all from the shadows. Thus, Hiss not only betrayed the American people to the New World Order and its immensely powerful and uniquely wealthy sponsors waiting, vulture-like, in the shadows, but the entire people of the world.
At this time the Closed Conspiracy had now become an Open Conspiracy for the Occult Hierarchy had commanded that the final push for World Empire must accelerate towards its final establishment. They now satisfied that their plans were so advanced and so nearly completed that nothing now can stand in the way of its fulfillment. And so, today, they gloat and boast of their ancient and current works content that their Great Work of the Ages, the “Great Plan,” is near its fulfillment.
The horrors and travails of World War 2 had just finished and in the immediate aftermath these events still haunted the world, moreover, the Atom Bomb had been dropped on Japan and the atomic age had dawned. The architects of World War Two gloated that their agenda for World Empire had been more than satisfied by the catastrophe of the war, especially the promotion of the idea of World Government, which had many, many supporters at the time galvanised by their slogan of “one world or none.” There arose many organizations, activists, groups and “think tanks” around the world bent on creating a new world order that could “prevent” another global war. However, the movement towards World Empire has a very ancient lineage and its footprints are everywhere in the historic record and easily observed by those with eyes to see but it truly came out of the shadows in the 20th Century and even those without the requisite sight for deep historical research can observe its presence.
Thus, the exoteric expressions of this secret, clandestine and ancient agenda came into being, yet, when the thin veil of liberal, egalitarian, internationalist, pacifist and federalist rhetoric is pulled aside one immediately uncovers the true nature of these entities. That they are front organisations for a network of power and manipulation, a grid of concentrated power girthing the Earth, whose centre lies in the shadowy world, the invisible empire, of the Secret Society. But, especially, in the Occult Hierarchy of this invisible empire who is the Black Adepts from Cult of Evil, leaders of the most ancient religion on Earth. And gentle reader; understand this, this Cabal of Evil is truly the Lords of Power on this Earth.
The horrors of World Wars I & II had convinced many that by creating a world order, a New World Order, another global war could be prevented. Briefly, some of the more significant front groups were The Campaign for World Government, the first world federalist organization launched in 1937. the Federal Union organised in the United Kingdom in 1938, and in 1939, in the U.S., the Federal Union (now Association to Unite the Democracies) was established calling for a federation of the Atlantic democracies. in 1940, The Mouvement Populaire Suisee en Favor d’une Federation des Peuples was created in Geneva. In 1945, the Committee to Frame a World Constitution convened at the Rockefeller creature, the University of Chicago, and drafted a “Constitution for the World.” While in 1947, in Asheville, North Carolina, five small world federalist organisations came together and agreed to merge as the United World Federalists or World Federalist Association.
In August 1947, in Montreux, more than 51 organizations from 24 countries came together at the Conference of the World Movement for World Federal Government and produced the “Montreux Declaration” to create a worldwide federalist organisation –World Federalist Movement– pushing for a Pro-World Government. At its second congress in 1948 in Luxembourg the World Federalists Movement voiced its intent when the 350 participants at the Congress laid the groundwork for an association of parliamentarians for world government. This came into being in 1951 in England calling itself “The World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government” whose members were predominantly socialist and so sympathetic to the idea of World Revolution albeit by the Fabian Socialist route rather than by violent revolution.
Thus, by 1951, the Federalists, the One-Worlders, the Internationalists and Globalists, believing that with the great instrument of the United Nations now available to them, their great day was at hand. In that year, that part of the Open Conspiracy dealing with geo-politics emerged showing the full shape of the Grand Design, the Master Plan for World Tyranny. The published agenda does not use vague talk of some “league” or “united nations” to enforce something, but informs in great detail the tyranny that awaits mankind such that any honest man can see exactly the nature of the Evil about to descend on the people of the world. This evil plan came from a body calling itself “The World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government” (WAPWG) founded in London. This group arose from two groups founded by Labour MP Henry Usborne who was by: “… far the most effective leader of the British movement for world government.” (Lawrence L Wittner: One World or None: A History of the World Nuclear Disarmament Movement Through 1953). the first of Usborne’s groups was “The Parliamentary Group for World Government” founded in 1945 the other was the “All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government” (PGWG) formed in 1947, which worked.

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