Fears over flu vaccines have been reignited after a 9-year-old girl became blinded and paralyzed two days after receiving the shot.

Brianna Browning from Crystal Beach, Texas was given the shot at her school, Bolivar Peninsula. She then started with symptoms around 8 hours later resulting in her becoming paralyzed.

Brianna’s symptoms started with her “profusely vomiting” and then deteriorated quickly, her mother said. It is said that her reaction was similar to if she had had a seizure.
Vaccines can sometimes
cause adverse reactions like this in children which has led to fears over their safety for some children.
Doctors have since diagnosed Brianna with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM) which is known to be triggered by vaccines.
KTRK have reported:
“A Galveston County family is convinced their daughter has suffered a rare reaction to the flu shot and now they are searching for answers.
Brianna Browning, 9, has been in the hospital since October 17th. Her parents say one day she was healthy and the next, she was paralyzed and losing her vision.
“It’s horrible. It kills us,” said Johnny Alexander, the girl’s stepfather.
The 4th grader who loves to run, jump and play in the sand got a flu shot at her school on Bolivar Peninsula October 15th. Then her health went downhill.”

Brianna mother Brenda Faulk spoke to Eyewitness News saying “Eight hours later she was profusely vomiting and again Friday morning. Saturday, she was paralyzed from the waist down, blind and seemed like she had a seizure,” .

Her stepfather Johnny Alexander added “We know in our hearts this was the flu vaccine that made her ill,”
Rare cases such as this highlight that no matter how safe doctors and health professionals say vaccines are, there are not safe for everyone. It is impossible to predict if your child will be susceptible to a negative reaction to receiving a vaccine, and that is where the danger lays.

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