Genetic modification is a method that scientists use to alter the genetic material of an organism, which is usually done by transferring a gene from one to another organism.
In agriculture, the genetic modification has been used to make plants more resistant to diseases or pesticides.

It increases a plant’s nutritional value, making it to grow faster or to taste better, and the possibilities are endless.
Even the people are all aware that there is GMO food is not healthy and even harmful to the overall health, they somehow still ignore it.

On the other hand, all the companies that produce GMO foods claim that there is nothing bad with it and that they are perfectly safe.
Studies Prove – GMO Is Bad
It is clear that the GMO cannot be good for you, as it is food that is unnaturally produced. There are, also many studies made that confirm this theory.
Some of the foods that companies produce thanks to the preservatives can last for years, and the main attitude of the companies is to create maximum profits.

There are some companies like Syngenta, Monsanto, and Dow that spend plenty of money and time to cover up the dangers that come with their produced food. They even hire scientists and make their own studies in order to present the products in a positive aspect.

Seralini Study
Seralini, the French molecular biologist, along with his team made a famous study, feeding mice with GMO food. They found that the mice developed tumors and in fact eventually died.
Large efforts by the companies were made actually to discredit the results of this study, criticizing it enormously.

The Negative Consequences are highlighted by Many Studies
Besides the Seralini study, there are plenty others that confirmed that GMO foods and its effects are negative on the overall human health.
Those negative impacts are linked particularly to a large consumption of genetically modified food (GMO food).

Many studies came to the discovery that the number of the connection between GMO foods and many health conditions is growing constantly. We will mention some of the health problems, like congenital disabilities, liver damage, weight gain, kidney problems, thyroid problems, and high cholesterol.
Here’s the list of studies that warn of the GMO foods and the dangers of them


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