New shocking images have revealed China has been aiding North Korea behind Donald Trump’s back as part of a massive secret operation in preparation for world war 3. The US spy satellites have captured damning images of Chinese ships illegally selling oil to Kim Jong-un’s the Hermit Kingdom despite UN sanctions.The satellite images show Chinese vessels pulling up alongside North Korean ships in order to do ‘oil trades’. The new revelations could ruin the relationship between the US and China, even provoking Trump into war.

The oil sales allow Kim Jong-un to continue testing his ballistic missiles as part of the communist country’s nuclear missile programme, placing the US mainland under massive threat.
The satellite images show Chinese vessels pulling up alongside North Korean ships in order to do ‘oil trades’.
The Daily Star reports: And to add to the jaw-dropping discovery, the images suggest the secret trading has been going on for three months – with at least 30 shipments being delivered.The illegal deliveries have been happening behind the world’s back, and have been revealed just weeks after the United Nations banned ship-to-ship trades with North Korea.The revelation also comes after Trump’s state visit to China appeared to finally win Beijing’s support in the war of words with nuke-nut Kim.

But these new images, published in a South Korean newspaper, appear to be a stab in the back to Trump as the world edges closure to a terrifying new world war.South Korea have reacted angrily to the pictures, with a source saying: “We need to focus on the fact that the illicit trade started after a UN Security Council resolution in September drastically capped North Korea’s imports of refined petroleum products.”Although it is not known if the Chinese government know about the illegal dealings, a report has stated the “large quantities of oil being traded makes it unlikely that officials are oblivious to the West Sea transactions”.
Ukranian Sergey Melnitchenko documented his time at a seedy Chinese nightclub, while working as a dancer. The revealing images show life behind the scenes as dancers perform in seedy surroundingsYet China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has dismissed the reports.She said she was not aware of the images, but reminded the public that only ships on the Security Council list are completely banned from trade.
“I want to ask you if these ships are on the list of the UN Security Council,” she said.China holds military drills near North Korean border Play Video“If they are not on the list, then how can we be sure that they are violating Security Council resolutions?
“If there is solid evidence that Chinese persons have violated the Security Council resolution, then we will deal with this according to the law.”Daily Star Online recently revealed whose side China is really on, and who they would back in the event of a nuclear war between the US and North Korea.


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