Chuck Norris, who cautioned of “1,000 years of dimness” if President Obama won his 2012 re-decision crusade, composes today that “Obama has actually helped assemble nature for the End of the world, as characterized by the two Muslims and Christians.”

Norris reveals to WorldNet perusers in his week by week section that it is “hard to trust that a solitary president could make more universal Center East disaster in a couple of short years.”
As per Norris, the president is bringing Muslim exiles into the U.S. what’s more, reassuring undocumented workers to confer voter misrepresentation keeping in mind the end goal to “guarantee a 2016 win for the Law based Gathering presidential chosen one.”

On-screen character and wellness master Throw Norris says the previous President Barack Obama is liable of conspiracy for giving American natives a chance to be tormented in Iran.
Do you agree with him?

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