Former child star Corey Feldman has released an emotional video plea, in which he states that he fears for his life after Hollywood pedophiles have tried to have him killed since revealing he was working on a plan to expose them.

Fighting back the tears, Feldman says he has lost “too much” since he announced that wanted to reveal the identities of the pedophilia network that operates in the upper echelons of the entertainment industry.

He says he fears for the safety of his family after two truck attempted to run him down at a crossing yesterday.
Since publically declaring that he was “working on a plan” a few days ago, he says he was arrested, “had a near-death experience,” and the other members of his band quit saying they “feared for their lives”.
The Goonies star says that he feels “alone” and that he needs to “protect” himself and his family from being “silenced.”
Now, Mr. Feldman has stepped up and proposed a plan for finally expose the Hollywood moguls that destroyed his life and “thousands of others.”
He says he has information that will “bring down” a global pedophile ring and he is prepared to blow the whistle but is asking for public help to do so.Rightly so, he says he needs to make sure his family is safe by hiring additional security.

He also needs a legal team to represent him when he blows the whistle as he will most likely face a legal backlash from the accused.


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