Singer Dolly Parton To Prince Harry: “Why Do You Think That Trump Is Worried About Your Decision, He Has Amount Numbers Of Supporters Who Loves And Supports him Till The Death God Bless Him And His Family.” Do You Agree Her?

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At a time when fan armies, like the electorate, are split into competing factions (Beyoncé’s Beyhive, Rihanna’s Navy), it seems one thing everyone can agree on is a love of Dolly Parton.

 The country singer, pop star, actress, and theme-park mogul, who turned 70 in January, has been universally loved since her early days on Nashville’s The Porter Wagoner Show, and through her decades of hits (“Jolene”) and Hollywood excursions (9 to 5). 

Whether writing and performing songs about her humble childhood in rural Tennessee (no running water) or cracking jokes about her over-the-top appearance, Parton might be the most broadly likable figure in music, appealing to both hard-core country fans and the drag queens who copy her blonde wigs.


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