Only days after news break out of Colombian brothel firing all prostitutes and replacing them with silicone sex dolls, now European brothels are doing the same…
More and more European brothels are following suit. Brothels from Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom and so on. According to most doll brothel owners, the dolls are at least 500% more successful than real women, with many buying more dolls as they have their already existing dolls always booked and on high demand.
Surely this would make feminists happy for keeping women away from demeaning jobs, wouldn’t it? Well apparently NOT!

Feminists are angry that they aren’t getting the attention they crave for and they invent all kind of reasons for calling for a BAN on those sex dolls inventing all sorts of mind blowing reasons such as “encouraging misogyny and patriarchy, violent sex, objectification, rape, abuse, paedophilia” and other nonsense. They don’t encourage anything as most men going into dolls are MGTOWs who would never go anywhere near a woman.
For MGTOWs, women are evil monsters from hell who are not even worth talking to and the fact that those feminists are going crazy and calling for a ban on those dolls, citing all those bogus reasons, is not helping, in fact its helping the MGTOW cause as they use this against them, saying “look! look at how crazy women are, now they are angry that we don’t want them anymore and we are replacing them with dolls, this proves that we were right about them all along”.
A BAN?? Not gonna happen are saying MGTOWs, the day we ban those dolls, we also ban women’s freaking dildos which are the most sold adult toys in the world. Damn, they do have a point…
Women have enjoyed those toys for dozens of years and men never complained nor called for any bans and now that men finally got their own toys, women are going hysterical but nothing out of the ordinary here, hysteria is a typical female trait.

Shockingly these are all just silicone DOLLS, not a real humans, yet they are almost indistinguishable from real women and they can be bought from China’s for less than $900 for a normal height of 1,50m to 1,68m with free shipping included through a fast courier, or you can pay $500 for the doll and $400 for shipping which is the same thing. You probably won’t be able to find a normal height doll under $800 with shipping and all, for now.
When they first came out they used to cost $10.000, now thanks to stiff Chinese competition, prices dropped to less than $900 for a full sized premium doll with international shipping included and prices are expected to drop even lower.

So its no wonder feminists hate those dolls, just look at them, who would wanna date or even talk to a ugly feminist skank when they can have one of these dolls that look like super models with perfect shapes, beautiful faces, its like having a Miss Universe all for yourself.
Shocking? Not really… this really goes to show that women are control freaks craving for attention and feminism is exactly that, whores and harlots from the pits of hell seeking attention. You know the saying “attention whores”. These women have gone crazy because men ceased to be men and allowed them to. Perhaps MGTOW’s do tell some truth in their misogynistic videos…
Yes, they are right, women have gone total crazy and these dolls are being made to replace them because of their bossy behavior. Equality? Pff what a joke, women have a lot more rights these days then men do, so of course men are going for dolls now.
Why wouldn’t a ordinary man with nothing special not buy a doll? He could get a hot doll, make it look however he wants as he would never have a hot real woman. Hot women are ALL superficial gold diggers at a 100% rate who only go out with rich men, so since a normal ordinary man would not have access to a beautiful woman, then why even bother to talk to them?

Just picture this for a second, women are so destroyed in the head today that men had to make lifeless silicone dolls to replace them with. Women these days are either materialistic whores seeking wealth or race mixing monsters sleeping around with Africans, Arabs and getting AIDS from them en masse.
Just picture this too for another second, not only white women sleep around like whores with jungle people with 70-80 IQs, they also do it UNPROTECTED, without condoms… they are monsters. So these days perhaps is just better to avoid them, buy a doll instead where there’s no risk in getting an STD, no risk in being falsely accused of rape, patriarchy, misogyny and other BS or whatever issues may arise with real women.
However we do have to mention that we do NOT agree with the solutions offered by MGTOWs AT ALL! Their solution is total separation and zero interaction with women as if they do not exist, remain single forever, never marry and never have children, which is nonsense and impractical.

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