The one nation that the US has always been able to rely on in the Middle East is Israel; with a long history of cooperation and support in the area, it has always been a focal point for division among those that are pro-Palestinian. And although recent developments with the US and Syria seem to be showing a more determined attitude in protecting pour allies, the Israelis themselves have decided to take matters into their own hands.

After ISIS began firing rockets directly into Israeli settlements, the Israeli military responded with a devastating mass bombing using armed drones. Whilst the ISIS casualty list only numbered one ISIS fighter dead, the message was heard loudly and clearly: Israel will not sit by as we are attacked.

Although claiming to support Israel, under the Obama administration, most pro-Israel votes in the UN were either voted against by America or abstained from; this is not how we should be showing our support. And last year’s USAID budget showed that of the $51 Billion total foreign aid, whilst $3.5 Billion went to Israel to help wit defence, MORE than this went to nations that suround Israel to help fund their military.

Despite being called an “Ally”, the US has in fact been funding and creating tensions in the area to suit its own purposes. Perhaps with a new President at the helm, it may just be the starting point of a real relationship and support to end the attacks against the last Jewish stronghold left. So far, Trump has made very positive overtures towards Israel and has expressed public support openly; let’s see where it leads.
Israel is our closest ally in the Middle East, and they need our support, Patriots.

ISIS was caught firing rockets into Israeli settlements, so Israel responded with a massive bombing from an armed drone, killing at least one ISIS fighter. (via Ynet News).
Egypt was quick to declare a state of emergency after learning of the attack. Egypt should have been aware of these terrorist organizations hiding out in their country. Egypt has been too soft on terrorism.
Patriots, we should be grateful Israel is willing to take action. Finally, the world is starting to fight back against this vile organization rather than tolerate its violence. The left would have you believe that Israel is a violent nation, and that they should coexist with their neighbors. Only an irrational person could believe that ISIS and their sponsors could ever live in peace with the great nation of Israel.

Thankfully, we have a president who committed to rebuilding relations with Israel. We need to support Israel because they are the only reasonable nation in the Middle East. The Israelites are not murdering homosexuals or abusing women. They are simply trying to exist in peace.
For eight years, Obama has tried to force Israel to accept Palestine, despite Palestine’s aggressive and violent actions. Obama did not like Israel, and we know this because one of the very last executive actions he undertook before leaving office was to send this violent would-be nation $221 million dollars of our taxpayer money! (via AP).

It is important to remember that Palestine does not care for America or our great values. They want to take all of Israeli territory from our most important ally. The Palestinians have shown that they are more comfortable with violence than diplomacy, and for some reason, Obama favored the Palestinians over the Israelites.
Why was Obama so committed to anti-American policies? We can only speculate, but it is clear he did not care for us patriots. Thankfully, we now have a president committed to taking care of the American people. We have a president that is dedicated to making sure veterans are cared for.

It is reassuring to know that we have such a strong ally in the Middle East. We need to support them as they push back against terrorists and hostile nations, like Palestine and Iran. It is amazing that Israel has flourished in such a trouble region of the world.

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