Earlier this year, Hoboken, New Jersey elected its first Muslim mayor. Due to take office in January, Ravi Bhalla received a Christmas gift from the current mayor, Dawn Zimmer: a chance to make one mayoral decree at the annual Christmas gala at the Patrick C. Farley Community Center on 5th and Brussels.

Bhalla and Zimmer shook hands, then Bhalla shocked the roughly 200 citizens in attendance with his decree that “the word ‘Christmas shall not be said at government functions.’”
Zimmer looked as shocked as everyone else, but she reluctantly agreed that she would keep her word and that no public officials in Hoboken were permitted to use that word in an official capacity. According to the Hoboken Journal, “the event was closed to the public and journalists were not permitted to bring cameras, and our incoming mayor is probably glad of that.”
“The crowd began to boo loudly and one man was escorted out after throwing a souffle at Bhalla’s head, knocking his turban off,” the Journal reports. “Eventually, things returned to normal but there was a sense of displeasure the rest of the evening.”

This war on Christmas has gone on long enough. Liberals need to learn that this is a Christian nation and nothing means more to us than our liberty than our God. If Mr. Bhalla doesn’t like it he can go back to his home country of IDontGiveAFuckistan and leave Americans to be Americans.

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