Russian leader Vladimir Putin has vowed to prevent nuclear world war three staging an intervention with troublesome nation North Korea. According to to the Russian security council, it is their priority to the any "preventative measures" to stop Nuclear fallout.

russia   s security council secretary  nikolai patrushev  is now considering options to counter pyongyang s actions

Since North Korea's recent launch of their ballistic missile last week there has been new speculation in the hermit kingdoms nuclear capability could reach as far as the US.

Russia’s Security Council Secretary, Nikolai Patrushev, is now considering options to counter Pyongyang's actions amid the potential outbreak of war and threat to Russia.Patrushev said: “If there is military action – and you know some countries do not rule it out – this would create all sorts of problems, including for us.”

The express reports: Addressing South Korea’s National Assembly in November Trump insisted that the US would “not be intimidated” by Kim Jong-un’s rhetoric and called for other countries to respond to the “twisted regimes” threats with a sign of military force.

He also warned the “three largest aircraft carriers in the world are appropriately positioned" to face Pyongyang.He has also previously called diplomatic negotiations with the rogue state a “waste of time”.He said: “We are assessing this and preparing ourselves.

 We will not be taken by surprise.”He added: “We basically share a border with them. That’s why we are interested in a political and diplomatic solution."Tensions between North Korea and the US have risen in recent months as Mr Trump and his Korean counter-part have taken part in a war of words.Addressing the UN in October Trump called Kim Jong-un “rocket man on a suicide mission” and vowed to “totally destroy” the corrupt nation.

However, the rhetoric between the two nations heated up earlier this week following another missile test by North Korea.The North Korean missile was fired eastwards from the hermit state. The missile landed about 210km west of Japan's Kyurokujima island, Tokyo said.

Japanese media reports the missile was in the air for 50 minutes - indicating a very high altitude flight path.It travelled east for around 620 miles and to an altitude of 2,500 miles before crashing into the Sea of Japan.


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