Battling against communists resembles attempting to fend off an octopus keen on eating you. Each time you cut off one arm, another one grows!

That is the thing that conservatives confront when they need to manage liberal RINO Republicans standing near the radical Democrats who need to stop and invalidate each move President Trump makes in attempting to finish his guarantees he made in the election.
Obviously, it’s to a great degree disappointing to realize that your foes might be the your own political party.

But what man keeps their jobs in the Government?
The man behind all the fighting, the very rich person George Soros, has been financing the majority of the counter Trump movements.
This additionally incorporates the rebel RINO Republicans who need Trump stopped and expelled from office so they help democrats.
The proof is in. The six Republicans who took funds from Soros are:
John McCain
Lindsay Graham
John Kasich
Marco Rubio
Ron Johnson
Paul Ryan

Soros is worth more than twenty five billion dollars and has put cash into many countries economies. He was a vast supporter of President Obama’s elections too.
Utilizing Soros’ cash, Obama got us 75% of the path there and Hillary was intended to get us through the last 25%, yet Trump was a surprise no one expected.

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