The Pineal gland has been the “seat of our soul” for many thousands of years, yet these days, however, even our basic human needs like water are tainted with chemicals in order to calcify this part of our bodies and suppress its extremely important functions.
The Pineal gland, or otherwise known as the conarium, is the fundamental part of our endocrine system and is situated in the epithalamus, right in the very heart of our brains.

It is responsible for producing a chemical called melatonin, a derivative of the hormone serotonin, which as we all know is a key product in helping us experience the happiness emotions. So what’s melatonin then?
Well, melatonin is basically responsible for regulating something called our circadian rhythm, which is basically our body clock. It is responsible for the timing of puberty during our adolescent years and also for regulating our sleep patterns.
A deficiency in melatonin is linked to health problems such as:CancerInsomniaAlzheimer’s DiseaseBi-polar disorderDepression

The Pineal gland has many other functions throughout the body. It is also know as the “third eye” or “minds eye” and for very good reasons.
The Pineal gland bears a shocking resemblance to the retina in our eyes, and its function is very similar too. As light enters our bodies through our eyes, it is ultimately received by our Pineal glands through a complex cranial network of cells. They do say that sunlight produces vitamin D, and that vitamin D helps us to produce serotonin – which in turn makes us feel good!
In ancient times our mind’s eye was a huge part of our lives and a much studied and exercised organ. The Egyptians thought of it as the gateway to our light bodies, soul, or “Ka” as they called it.
The knowledge suggests that we have two bodies; one physical and one visual “light” body – both of which need to be nourished, fed and stimulated in order to be at one. So…sunlight does make us happy, in so many more ways than we think!

The Problem
We are being subjected to major manipulation of our Pineal glands. Our modern day lifestyles are so full of toxins, chemicals and impurities that are suppressing the work of this vital organ, and the worst part it is, the less it gets used – the more it shrinks and won’t ever work properly again!
Calcification of the Pineal gland cannot be ignored anymore – we are being poisoned every day and we are agreeing to it without fuss. Flouridification of our water is definitely something that is hard to avoid however, yet we can use water purification tablets (containing iodine which is good) or buy bottled spring water wherever possible.
Our flouride packed toothpastes can move along too. One of the biggest brainwashes in modern day society, the magical flouride rich toothpaste that everyone must use twice a day to promote a healhty gleaming smile!
Charcoal toothpaste is completely natural, non-toxic and 100% guaranteed to clean your teeth 1000 times better than that brainwashing, poisonous, government funded gloop. It is definitely really hard to get your head around and ultimately come to terms with, especially as we are already experiencing severe suppression of our Pineal glands.

However, there is always a chance for change, there is always an opportunity to make one small step at a time to exposing, sharing and changing something. In this case the subject matter in question is huge, it is not a situation you believe in or not anymore – it is a matter of fact.
And there’s more – prolonged exposure to forms of radiation such as microwave ovens and more importantly cell phones is also a major suppressor of the Pineal gland. Avoiding the microwave is highly recommended and limiting mobile phone usage to as little as possible is the best way to stay on top.
A hard concept as we all find comfort in using our phones as they have become an everyday part of our lives, yet they are nonetheless very harmful to us.
Get more sun, drink more fresh water, stop brushing your teeth with poison and consider a more organic diet, with more happiness. We can’t just sit back and watch it happen anymore…we need to stand up for our mind, body and soul.
I will not be suppressed anymore.

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