In response to Donald Trump’s election as President Elect newscasters have been criticizing him even more and proferring up ideas why America elected him President. One CNN newscaster who is a former White House advisor said that Trump’s election was a “whitelash.”

What he meant was that it was a white lash by white people against black people for the election of a African American president. Despite the fact that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were both white. In reality, what he is really asserting is that people voted for Donald Trump because they were racists who did not like the fact that we had a black president and did not want the first female president.
Mary Matalin who is a Republican political consultant called Jones out on live television and called him to take back his comments. But the argument between the two media pundits got vicious really quick. Especially after Matalin mentioned the privileged upbringing that Jones had.
Watch here:

Even though Jones took every opportunity to speak negatively about Trump he eventually back tracked his comments a bit but not completly. He said that in Donald Trump’s acceptance speech after the election results came out he was gracious and compassionate. That is strikingly different than his earlier comments?
Watch his other comments here:

Many other media personalities have been doing similar things as Jones. They have vociferously denounced Trump in the past and now that he has been elected they are saying positive things about him. Likely to make their own lives easier since no one wants to be at odds with the President of the United States.
But it is unfortunate that Jones can not even stand by the courage of his convictions or words and is now back tracking. However, that is to be expected.

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