U2 frontman Bono has joined the long list of celebrities to bash Donald Trump in a painfully long Rolling Stone article this week when he highlighted Trump's criticism of the mainstream media in what he described as "the bleakest era since Nixon.

the irish rocker went on to say that the working class people of america s innocence died when they elected donald trump

”Bono, who regularly rubs shoulders with elites like George Soros andBill Clinton, claimed that fairness and equality were "not improving" under Trump. The Irish rocker went on to say that the working class people of America's "innocence died when they elected Donald Trump" stating that a generation "growing up think that human spirit towards fairness and justice" was learning it might not be the case." 

"Donald Trump is destroying America, we must stop him" he added. "He's destroying the America that I love, the country that allowed me to be involved in politics".“My attitude was, ‘OK, good. Now it is the time we wake up and realize we can’t take any of this for granted.’ Big primates have been around a lot longer than democracy, and this dude who shall not be named – he is just a new manifestation of that big primate."“We got shook. Even in Europe, people have forgotten what fascism did to them.

 Whether it was fascism described as Stalin or Mao in the state communism, whatever you want to call it. It is forgotten.”“We are actually going back to the way we used to be. The new normal is the old normal. That is terrifying. The demonizing of ‘the other’ has returned,” he added.Bono also described Trump's criticism of the mainstream media as "sad" adding “Democracy is a remarkable conceit that depends on an effective news media. 

So ‘fake news’ is not a fake threat. You have a post-truth president leading a post-trust country.”When Rolling Stone asks Bono if Trump should be replaced he responded: “I think the moment just has to be reclaimed. 

This is surely the bleakest era since Nixon. It surely undermines the very idea of America, what is going on now. And Republicans know it, Democrats know it – no one’s coming off well here.” “We know some who should know better have tried to piggyback the man’s celebrity to get stuff done.

 They will live to regret it,” said Bono.“Before I went out against him in the primaries, I called a lot of Republican friends that I have and said, ‘I can’t in all conscience be quiet as this hostile takeover of your party and perhaps the country happens.’

 And I made the quote, and I still stand by it, ‘America is the greatest idea the world has ever had, and this is potentially the worst idea that has ever happened to it.'”Back in January this year U2 announced in an interview that they were going on strike to protest Trump, by canceling their upcoming album release and tour until the President-elect resigns. Looks like that didn't work out.


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