100s of people are dying in the United States every week since mid-December from a deadly flu virus, the Center for Disease Control has warned.

The CDC has pushed for an increase in vaccinations following a report on the latest figures that showed there were 759 flu deaths between 7 October and 23 December.
100s a dying every week of the deadly flu outbreak in the us

The report also stated that since early December more than 100 people were dying every week from the flu, with the death toll increasing rapidly since, with a huge rise in the number of hospital admissions.According to a report by CBS News, this is more than double the number of flu deaths from the same period last year when there were only 322 reported fatalities.

The CDC has called for flu shots to become mandatory to reduce the spread of the fatal influenza bug.

Independent reports: An increase in the number of reported cases of the flu during the winter is common and usually peaks around Christmas and New Year when more people are traveling and spreading illness.
doctors are struggling to contain the deadly flu virus

But this year’s prevailing strain H3N2 – which has been dubbed “Aussie flu” – is known to be particularly vicious and strong.In the UK, 149 people have so far died and last week 4,500 people were hospitalized, according to Public Health England figures.

Some 120 flu deaths have been recorded in England, 21 in Scotland and eight in Northern Ireland. There is no precise data available for Wales.


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