In a startling statement read at the “Organising Resistance to Internet Censorship” webinar, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange  warned of how “digital super states” like Google And Facebook have been working to re-establish discourse control."Assange went on to describe how artificial intelligence censorship will give the monopoly of how information is shared back to the global elite.

 artificial intelligence censorship will give the monopoly of how information is shared back to the elites

Assange went on to describe how the elite's manipulative attempts to regain control of discourse in the information age has been “operating at a scale, speed, and increasingly at a subtlety, that appears likely to eclipse human counter-measures.”

As established power structures use more advanced forms of artificial intelligence, the more capable they are of controlling the ideas and information, and, of course, hiding information that is a threat to their global power structure or preferred narratives.

According to Zerohedge: This is not the first time that Assange has cautioned about these developments. In an appearance via video link at the musician and activist M.I.A.’s Meltdown Festival last June, the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief expounded in far more detail about his thoughts on the potential for artificial intelligence to be used for controlling online information and discourse in a way human intelligence can’t hope to keep up with.

Pointing out how AI can already outmaneuver even the greatest chess players in the world, he describes how programs which can operate with exponentially more tactical intelligence than the human intellect can manipulate the field of available information so effectively and subtly that people won’t even know they are being manipulated. People will be living in a world that they think they understand and know about, but they’ll unknowingly be viewing only establishment-approved information.

China has had its share of ponzi-like investment scheme blow ups in the past, most recently last April as we…“When you have AI programs harvesting all the search queries and YouTube videos someone uploads it starts to lay out perceptual influence campaigns, twenty to thirty moves ahead,” Assange said.“This starts to become totally beneath the level of human perception.”To be clear, this is already happening. 

Due to a recent shift in Google’s “evaluation methods”, traffic to left-leaning and anti-establishment websites has plummeted, with sites like WikiLeaks, Alternet, Counterpunch, Global Research, Consortium News, Truthout, and WSWS losing up to 70 percent of the views they were getting prior to the changes.

 Powerful billionaire oligarchs Pierre Omidyar and George Soros are openly financing the development of “an automated fact-checking system” (AI) to hide “fake news” from the public.Whenever they are accused of censoring anti-establishment narratives, these “digital super states” have been consistently denying participating in censorship themselves and instead blaming the algorithm for the information’s disappearance from public view. But what does that mean, exactly?It means “It wasn’t me censoring you! It was the AI!” Which is the exact threat that Assange is pointing to here.


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