Kim Kardashian "eats human flesh" as part of her "daily Satanic rituals," according to shocking revelations from her family's former nanny.Nancy Jenkinson was hired by Kardashian and her husband Kanye West to look after their daughter North West but was apparently fired by the celebrity household after just 6 months employment.Jenkinson, who trained as a midwife in London, and previously worked for the British Royal Family, has decided to blow the whistle on the Kardashian/Wests by revealing that Kim is a high-ranking Illuminati insider.

kim kardashian s former nanny claims she performs daily satanic rituals

The English au pair claims that during her time with famous ménage, she regularly witnessed Kim drinking blood and consuming various human body parts as she "worshipped Satan."After giving birth to her last child Saint West, she also ate small daily portions of her own placenta to "prove her dominance over the child to Satan," according to Miss Jenkinson.

Nancy claims that she never dared to question her employers, but said she once overheard Kim speaking to her sister Khloe about her plan to consume the placenta, saying: 

"I heard her planning this over a month before the baby was born. "Khloe seemed concerned until Kim told her that it was a way of asserting dominance over the baby.

 "She said she had to prove herself to Lucifer."I kind of understand why she’d want to do that now because sometimes this baby looks completely terrifying.

 "Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the baby looks cute and nice, but at other times he could just turn and he barely looks human.

"When asked what the child's father thought about Kim eating her placenta, Nancy said that Kanye was "cool with it," saying that he boasted that his own mother apparently performed the same practices and attributed it in part to his own later success.

Despite Kim expressing her devotion to Satan on a daily basis, Nancy believes that Kanye may actually be oblivious to the depths of the dark forces behind the rituals."Kanye is a real sweetheart," she said.

 "Sometimes it's like he's in a trance and notice the world around him."The first time I met him, he was holding up a towel and raving about how he wished he'd invented it because it was such a perfect design."I never got any evil vibes from Kanye.

"Nancy claims that Kim may be leading Kanye down a dark path in an attempt to push him up the Illuminati ladder. "He has no interest in politics but Kim started controlling his mind and pushing him to become more political."

She told him he needed to push harder for a real seat at the table."He just went along with it like a robot that had been programmed."Jenkinson says she was relieved to finally leave the Kardashian/West household when her employment was terminated.

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